2017 Film Festival – LA

WCFF Los Angeles 2018
Date TBA

Laemmle Monica Film Center & other venues
1332 2nd Street
Santa Monica, CA 9040

Gardeners Of the Forest | 15 minutes
Ceylan Carhoglu and Nicole Jordan-Webber, Directors
Dhont Documentary Film Center at Dodge College, Chapman University
Country: Laos

The Grouper Mystery | 54 minutes
Jaques Hinstin, Producer / Andromede Oceanologie
Los Angeles Premiere
Country: France |Language: French (English subtitles)

Pangolins in Peril | 15 minutes
Ali Ijaz, Producer
Los Angeles Premiere
Country: Pakistan

Tree Lions | 48 minutes
Gryphon Productions |
Peter & Sheera Von Puttkamer
Los Angeles Premiere
Country: Uganda

The Drills of the Afi Mountains | 12 minutes
Tom Richards, Producer
Los Angeles Premiere
Country: Nigeria

Into the Wild of Borneo | 52 minutes
Jorge Camilo Valenzuela, Director / F Productions
Los Angeles Premiere
Country: Malaysia

Pakke Paga-Protecting the hornbills of Arunachal Pradesh | 12 minutes
Adarsh Raju, Producer
Los Angeles Premiere
Country: India

The Evolution of Madagascar | 50 minutes
Andy Clark, Producer
Los Angeles Premiere
Country: Madagascar

Boots on the Ground | 43 minutes
Rohan Nel & Matt Bracken Producers
Los Angeles Premiere
Country: South Africa

Irelands Ocean | 50 minutes
Ken O’Sullivan, Producer
Los Angeles Premiere
Country: Ireland

Wild Alaska | 6 minutes
Richard Sidey, Producer
Los Angeles Premiere

Why Just One? | 55 minutes
Andrea Gordon, Richard Dean Anderson,

Holly Marie Combs and Paul Watson, Producers
Country: Costa Rica

The Secret Life of Mountain Lions | 6 minutes
Sharon Negri, Producr
Chris Morgan, Narrator
Los Angeles Premiere
Country: USA

Pathways to CoExistence | 18 minutes
Richard Huges and Dr. Amanda Stronza, Producers
Los Angeles Premiere
Country: Botswana

The Private Lives of Salmon | 5 minutes
Liz McKenzie, Producer
Los Angeles Premiere
Country: USA

Vamizi-Cradle of Coral | 52 minutes
Mattias Klum, Producer At Tierra Grande
Los Angeles Premiere
Country: Mozambique

The Cat that Changed America | 74 minutes
Tony Lee, Producer / Sabana Films


A Fish Full of Dollars | 50 minutes
Adrienne Gittus, Producer
Soulwater Productions
Country: Indonesia
Los Angeles Premiere

The Great Elephant Gathering of Asia | 45 minutes
Dilum Alagiyawanna, Producer

Los Angeles Premiere
Country: Sri Lanka

Gaviota: The End of Southern California | 42 minutes
Tamlorn Chase, Producer

Country: USA

The Wild Wet | 30 minutes
Moritz Katz and Joshua Mayo, Producers
Country: Australia
Los Angeles Premiere

America’s Amazon- The Mobile Tensaw Delta | 58 minutes
Lynn Rabren, Producer
Los Angeles Premiere

Metamorfosis | 15 minutes
Adrian Arce, Producer
Country: Mexico
Los Angles Premiere

Yellowstone | 54 minutes
Oliver Goetzl, Director | NRD Naturfilm
Los Angeles Premiere

Adopting Anolis | 12 minutes
Ivan Valdivia Medina, Producer
Country: Cuba
Los Angeles Premiere

The Everglades A Watery Wilderness | 50 minutes
Zoltan Torok, Producer | NDR Natur Film
Los Angeles Premiere

Grey Future | 6 minutes
Carla Fraser, Producer

Los Angeles Premiere
Country: United Kingdom

Operation Sumatran Rhino | 45 minutes
Chris Annadorai & Lydia Lubon, Producers
Los Angeles Premiere
Country: Sabah