Additional Films

To be scheduled:


Flights of Summer: The Blue-tailed Bee-eaters 53 minutes
Wei Song Xie, Producer
Languages: Mandarin & English
Country: Taiwan | World Premier

The Clowns of the Sea 3 minutes
Bellatrix Photography & Film Ltd | Leanne Gater, Producer
Country: United Kingdom | New York Premier

Desire 3 minutes
Vanessa Cara-Kerr, Producer
Country: Mexico| World Premier

Humpback Whales of Cape Verde | 53 minutes
Tony Whelan, Producer
Country: Republic of Cape Verde | North America Premier

Sanctuary 8 minutes
Grace Marrero, Producer
New York Premiere

Animal Empire | 18 minutes
Angela Daun, Producer
World Premiere




Wild Antarctica | 5 minutes
Richard Sidey, Producer
Country: New Zealand | World Premiere

Coral Gardens of Scandinavia | 28 minutes
Armin Mueck, Producer |
Country: Sweden | North America Premiere

The Rhino Guardians | 6 minutes
Nadine Brown, Producer
Country: South Africa | World Premier

How to Save a Life | 17 minutes
Waltteri Laineekare, Producer
Country: Finland | World Premie

Ghosts of the Arctic | 6 minutes
Abraham Joffe | United Film Works
Country: Norway | World Premiere

NOOR- Queen of Ranthambore | 7 minutes
Vivek Shay, Producer
Country: India | World Premier

Streams of Plastic | 5 minutes
Douglas Woodring & Charlotte Vick, Producers | Ocean Recovery Alliance
Hong Kong | North America Premiere