Monday, October 22

Series 14 | 12:00-2:00 pm

Blood Island

Second Century Stewardship

The Bramber Weir: Coastal Community Collaborations

Grizzly Encounters with Chris Morgan-The Hunger Challenge

Blood Island | 12 minutes

Producer: Lindsey Parietti
Country: Liberia
North America Premiere

Deep in the heart of Liberia's jungles, hundreds of chimpanzees were taken from the wild. Captured, bred, and infected with hepatitis, our closest animal relatives were to unlock the mysteries of human diseases. But what started in the 1970s as an ambitious medical experiment took deeper and darker turns through the decades. Gripping to the core, Blood Island tells the powerful story of the chimpanzees, their captors and the people still fighting to save them. Logline: Blood Island unravels the story of chimpanzees captured and bred for a lab and then abandoned in Liberia. A surprising fight for their lives carries on.

Second Century Stewardship

Producer: Bob Hirshon
Country: USA | New York Premiere

It is the dawn of the second century for Acadia National Park and the US National Park Service. At this historic centennial moment, we explore science beyond the stunning scenery of Acadia National Park to better understand opportunities for wise stewardship of these national treasures to benefit future generations.

The Bramber Weir: Coastal Community Collaborations  | 10 minutes

Producer: Nikki Beauchamb
Country: Canada |World Premiere

The Bramber Weir: Coastal Community Collaborations is the story of Darren Porter’s fishing weir, which sits on the idyllic Minas Basin, a pristine slice of Nova Scotia’s Bay of Fundy that lends itself to First Nations legend, iconic amethyst shores and a sought-after hikers paradise. Industrial developments threaten the marine ecology of Minas Basin, trends Darren has observed for years as a commercial fisher and which impact his livelihood at the weir and that of the community. This short film documents Darren’s mission to incorporate his own knowledge of the Minas Basin, including traditional (First Nations) knowledge, with that of academic-led western science as well as the success of such community-level collaboration to address resource management issues by those who understand it best﹘the people that live there.

Grizzly Encounters with Chris Morgan
- The Hunger Challenge
| 52 minutes

Producers: Anette & Claus Scheurich
Country: Germany | World Premiere

When spring arrives on Alaska's Katmal cost, it is time for brown bears to emerge from their winter slumber. This is no ordinary bear habitat, this is bear paradise: an usual combination of rich food sources draws more Grizzlies together on its lush sedge meadows, extensive mudflats and rushing rivers than anywhere on Earth. This combination makes Katmal the perfect place for bear biologist Chris Morgan to experience Grizzly behavior up close. Since brown bears are protected here, they are not shy around humans and approach to within a few meters.  WATCH TRAILER >


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Series 15 | 3:00-5:00 pm

Becoming Visible

Looking for Sultan

Scars Politics in the Big Blue

Panel discussion with Dr. Karin Hartmin & staff with
Nova Atlantis Foundation and the
Risso's Dolphin Research Center

Becoming Visible
| 33 minutes

Producer: Janet Solomon
Country: South Africa
North America Premiere

From acclaimed Durban artist Solomon, this fascinating fusion of documentary and video art tells of the impact on local marine life by seismic exploration off the coast of KwaZulu-Natal. Projected on three screens simultaneously, the work is made all the more powerful by its idiosyncratic approach to documentary-making. Becoming Visible is an intensely disquieting film which advances the theme of nature as political asset and questions the scripts of consumptive economics embedded in South Africa’s governmental approaches to environmental policy. The film focuses on a seismic survey off the East Coast of RSA, which was extended into the whale migration season in July 2016. There were a number of irregular deep-water mammal strandings during and after this survey. Becoming Visible investigates the risks posed by unilateral and indiscriminate traumatizing noise exposure from marine seismic surveys to many marine species, and the vulnerability of fishery-based livelihoods to these impacts. WATCH TRAILER >


Looking for Sultan | 43 minutes

Producers: Gautam Pandey
and Doel Trivedy
Country: India
North America Premiere

Each and every tiger is important and that’s why we need to find Sultan. This film follows the story of Sultan, the up and coming dominant tiger of Ranthambore Tiger Reserve who vanished suddenly. Father and son wildlife filmmakers, Mike and Gautam, had been following and filming him since he was a cub and are now trying to put the pieces together to solve this mystery. More than 12 tigers have gone missing in Ranthambhore between 2012 and 2017. Young tigers who go missing are usually thought to have been poached or just lost forever. But the story is much more complicated. Trackers on ground have proved that tigers leave the protected territory of national parks to walk great distances in search for new territory. Tigers know no borders and young sub adult tigers must walk hundreds of kilometers to find a new home, prey and a new mate. The film looks at broader issues of conservation of tigers and the different efforts being made towards it in India through the story of Sultan. WATCH TRAILER >

Scars Politics in the Big Blue | 65 minutes

Producer: Dr. Karin Hartman
Nova Atlantis Films
Country: Portugal | World Premiere

In 1999, a Dutch girl changed her life to study the unknown Risso’s dolphin in the Azores. This film shows what she learnt over 18 years of fieldwork. It contains spectacular underwater and drone shots, unraveling special behaviour of these dolphins. It explains how males form stable groups while females with calves form nurseries, and why male politics are crucial for reproduction. Also, it reflects on the impact of whale watching, why commercial swimming with these dolphins should be banned and why this area is important in Europe and should be designated as a Marine Protected Area. This is a compelling personal story about the highs and lows of a life dedicated to studying Risso’s dolphins, with unique insights into their life history, and both endearing and confronting footage of their behavior.


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Series 16 | 6:00-8:00 pm


The Green Heart of Guyana

The Trouble With Wolves

Return of the Desert Bighorn

Panel discussion with Collin Moda and other guests
and Kevin Hirten

The Green Heart of Guyana | 20 minutes

Producer: Benjamin Driver
Country: Guyana
World Premiere

The Green Heart Of Guyana. A look into the conservation research that is carried out in the Iwokrama reserve of Guyana. Guyana holds one of the largest intact tropical rainforests in the world, and here we see renown scientists working with indigenous people of the region to try and protect this wonder. Political pressure is making the fate of Guyanas vast expanse of wilderness unknown. A country the size of Britain that is almost entirely covered in either tropical rainforest or savannah grassland is in danger of being slowly infested with X development that could fragment and erode the forests there. Looking at the different taxa within the tropical habitat, we see how surveys are carried out and building to construct a better understand of how the forests and all its inhabitants are responding to a changing environment and ultimately how the country is trying to use its wealth of resources without trying to exhaust them. Guyana is one of the last strongholds of intact tropical rainforests in the world. This is a unique opportunity, where experience and knowledge can help preserve Guyana's wildlife before it becomes yet another race to extinction. WATCH TRAILER >

The Trouble With Wolves | 60 minutes

Producer: Collin Moda
Country: USA | World Premiere

Once exterminated from the lower 48 states, the Gray Wolf's triumphant return to Yellowstone and the surrounding states has been characterized by many as, "the greatest animal conservation success in human history." However, to many others living in the areas affected, the story is drastically different. There is, after all, a reason Wolves have been, and continue to be, the world's most controversial predator. Do they deserve a place on the landscape? From hunters and ranchers to biologists and wildlife specialists, The Trouble With Wolves is a rich character study that reveals what is really going on in the American West, and it is probably not quite what you have been told by agenda driven environmentalists or anti-wolf groups. WATCH TRAILER >

Return of the Desert Bighorn | 10 minutes

Producers: Fin & Fur Films
Country: USA | World Premiere

After all native desert bighorn sheep were eliminated from Texas by the 1960's, conservationists began the log fight for their return. now after many years of hard work, trial and error, healthy populations roam part of the state. "Return of the Desert Bighorn" follows wildlife biologists as they capture, collar, and relocate desert bighorn to restore populations in west Texas.


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Series 17 | 8:30-10:30 pm

In the Footsteps of Giants

The Pangolin no Time to Rest

The White-Throated Sparrow Project

Panel discussion with producer/director Dave Taylor,
Ginna Kelly, Founder/CEO, Climb for Conservation
and producer/director, Tiffany Deater.

In the Footsteps of Giants | 54 minutes

Producer: Dave Taylor
Cool Brick Studios
Country: Tanzania | World Premiere

Experience a summit climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro with a group of climbers from "Climb for Conservation" as they raise money for black rhino breeding programs at Mkomazi Reserve in Tanzania. Though this film, meet the extraordinary family at Mkomazi that is dedicating their lives to bring the black rhino back from the brink of extinction.


The Pangolin no Time to Rest | 15 minutes

Producer: Briony jones
Country: Namibia
World Premiere

The Pangolin: No Time to REST focuses on the pangolin, the most trafficked mammal in the world- despite their lesser known existence. In the documentary we meet Honeybun, a Cape Pangolin, who calls REST (Rare and Endangered Species Trust) home. Through this journey we learn how important she is to raise awareness of her dwindling species, as well as, the work REST does for Namibia’s wildlife. A group of 5 third year students, from the University of Westminster (UK), raised £3,000 for the project to allow 4 of the crew to fly to Namibia. The crew stayed in tents for 8 nights to follow day to day life at REST. REST’s love for Honeybun was infectious and their focus on conservation and supporting the next generation of environmentalists was inspiring. From conception to submission, the whole process was completed within 3 months.

The White-Throated Sparrow | 20 minutes

Producer: Tiffany Lynn Deater
Country: USA | World Premiere

For the past 30 years a team of researchers led by the late Dr. Elaina Tuttle and her partner Dr. Rusty Gonser have studied the lives and behaviors of white- throated sparrows at a remote biology station located in the Cranberry Lake region of the Adirondacks. Their research has provided insight into the otherwise hidden lives of one of North America’s favorite migratory song birds. This documentary follows the evolution of The White-Throated Sparrow Project from its early stages in 1988 to the current research being conducted by PhD Student from Indiana State University. WATCH TRAILER >


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Films and speakers subject to change prior to and during festival