NYC Festival 2019

Ten days of films screenings, panel discussions, field trips, receptions, parties and a conference. Join us as we celebrate our eight year anniversary.


Cinema Village Theater
22 East 12th Street & University Place
New York, NY 10003

Individual Tickets
For each film series & panel discussion
$18 in advance or $25 at the door
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All Access Festival Pass
All two-hour film screenings and panel discussions, opening and closing receptions. Over 30 events between October 17-27.
Early Bird: $295
Regular: $395

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Selected Films

(As of 2/18/19)

Legends of Hollongapar
Udayan Borthakur, Director
Country: India | World Premiere

Keepers of the Forest
Roxy Rogam Producer & Director
Country: Australia | World Premiere

Birth of a Pride
Dereck and Beverly Joubert
Country: Namibia | World Premiere

Hidden Rainbow of West China
Xi Zhinong and Shi Lihong, Producers
Carolina Neves Rodrigues, Director
County: China | North America Premiere

Forgotten Forests of Malaysia
Oliver Page, Producer & Director
Country: Malaysia | World Premiere

The Secret Life of Frogs
Vijay Bedi and Ajay Bedi, Producers & Directors
Country: India | World Premiere

Sudan: The Last Male Standing
Zenith Adventure Media
Country: Mexico | World Premiere

Passage of Silt and Shell
James McDonald, Producer & Director
Country: USA | World Premiere

Great Meadow
Yakiv Antypenko
Country: Ukraine | World Premiere

Sides of a Horn
Toby Wiskow, Producer and Director
Country: USA | North America Premiere

Desert Wetlands-Pulse of the Outback
Geoff Spanner, Producer & Director
Country: Australia | World Premiere

Maybe just a Fairytale
Geoff Spanner, Producer & Director
Country: Australia | World Premiere

Welcome to the Sixtinction
Chiara Cant, Director | The Magic Collective
Country: Italy | World Premiere

Simple Flow of Water
Hadi Ghazanfari, Producer
Country: Iran | World Premiere

A Place for Penguins
Tom Parry, Producer and Director
Country: South Africa | North America Premiere

Shark Addicts
Eilish M. Nobes, Producer and Director
Country: USA | World Premiere

Magical Land of Oz- Human Shift
Northern Pictures | Tosca Looby, Director
Karina Holden, Sue Cothier, Caroline Hawkins & Clare Birks, Producers
Country: Australia | World Premiere

Colorado's Moose
Sean Ender, Producer and Director
Country: USA | World Premiere

Land of the Outcast
Catalina Aristizabal, Producer & Director
Country: Colombia | World Premiere

Rodolfo Juarez, Producer & Director  | M31 Medios
Country: Mexico | World Premiere

Owls on the Line
Cesar Puechmarin, Producer & Director | Blue Shroom Studios
Country: Australia | World Premiere

Horse Rich and Dirt Poor
Katy Baldock, Producer & Director
Fin and Fur Films
Country: USA | World Premiere

Stolen Apes
Colin Sytsma, Producer & Director | Wood Grain Media
Country: Thailand | World Premiere

How Mass Die-Offs and Poaching Threaten Rare Asian Antelopes
John Wendle and Jennifer Murphy, Producers & Directors
Country: Senegal | World Premiere

Mointal Ranger
Weina Kong and Lulu Zheng, Producers | Ansiqi Li, Director
Country: Kazakhstan | World Premiere

The Final Breach
Jess Webster, Producer & Director
Country: Canada | USA Premiere

INDICIT - Marine litter impact on sea turtles
Raffaella Piermarini, Producer | Marco Pisapia, Director
Country: Italy | World Premiere

Rooted: The Hollow Heart
Dereck & Beverly Joubert, Executive Producers
Barend van der Watt, Producer & Director
Country: Zimbabwe | East Coast Premiere

Voces De La Selva
Jorge Ramos Luna, Producer & Director
Country: Mexico | World Premiere
Spanish | English Sub-titled

Beyond The Gun
Danielle Da Silva & Jeffrey Garriock, Directors
Photographers Without Borders
Country: South Africa | World Premiere

Love The Oceans
Danielle Da Silva & Jeffrey Garriock, Directors
Photographers Without Borders
Country: Mozambique | World Premiere
Language English & Portuguese

Passions for the Mammoth
Olga Vershinina, Producer
Sergey Yastrzhembskiy, Director
Country: Russia | World Premiere
Language: Russian (English subtitles)

Panel Speakers

James McDonald | Filmmaker
New School
New York, NY

Felix Aboyami | Founder & CEO
Wildlife of Africa Conservation Initiative
Lagos, Nigeria

Eilish M. Nobes | Filmmaker
Fat Panda Productions, LLC
Savannah, GA

Samantha Gargour | Founder
Wild Conversations
Nicosia, Cyprus

Chira Cant | Filmmaker
The Magic Collective
Vicenza, Italy

Sean Ender | Filmmaker
EnderPost, Inc.
Evergreen, CO

Keith Williams | Author, Filmmaker & Executive Director
NorthBay Conservancy
North East, MD

Nadia Rubio, PhD.
Marine Biologist
Merida, Yucatan | Mexico

(As of 3/10/19)