Sunday, October 21

Series 10 | 12:00-2:00 pm

The Beaver Believers

Eyes on the Mara

The Legacy

Pig Pygmies, Little Giants

The Beaver Believers | 55 minutes

Producer: Sarah Koenigsberg
Country: USA
North America Premiere

The Beaver Believers is a feature documentary that tells the urgent yet whimsical story of an unlikely cadre of activists - a biologist, a hydrologist, a botanist, an ecologist, a psychologist, and a hairdresser - who share a common vision: restoring the North American Beaver, that most industrious, ingenious, furry little engineer, to the watersheds of the American West. The Beaver Believers encourage us to embrace a new paradigm for managing our western lands, one that seeks to partner with the natural world rather than overpower it. As a keystone species, beaver enrich their ecosystems, creating the biodiversity, complexity, and resiliency our watersheds need to absorb the impacts of climate change. Beavers can show us the way and even do much of the work for us, if only we can find the humility to trust in the restorative power of nature and our own ability to play a positive role within it. Shot in 8 western US states, Mexico, and Canada, through desert drought, raging wild fires, spring floods, and wetland serenity, this film will change the way you think about climate change and inspire you to take a bite out of the challenges we face, one stick at a time.

Eyes on the Mara | 5 minutes

Producer: Lucas Gonzalez
Country: Kenya | East Coast Premiere

Tipira is a Masai warrior turned wildlife spotter in a tourist camp. He explains how working with tourists has changed his life and that of his community in many different ways. And he invites us to discover the raw beauty of the land that has been the home of his people for many generations, the Masai Mara.

Big Pygmies, Little Giants | 63 minutes

Producers: Dr. Audrey Low
Country: Malaysia | World Premiere

Big Pygmies Little Giants is the second of what is to be a trilogy of stand-alone documentaries focusing on Sabah at the northern tip of Borneo. The first of the trio ‘Big Dream Little Bears’ followed the plight of Bornean sun bears. In this film, we cross from Sabah’swest coast and over the mountains to revisit Dr. Siew Te Wong and his now freely roaming bears, only to find his dramas are not yet over. We then travel up river to follow a small group of dedicated young scientist racing to collect data on animals great and small before the forests are lost to palm oil and in so doing become swept up in a dramatic quest to get the first footage of an elusive clouded leopard with its prey.. WATCH TRAILER >

The Legacy | 5 minutes

Producer: Erick Huguera
Country: Mexico
North America Premiere

In the past century most marine ecosystems were healthy and exploding with life, and in only
50 years over fishing and pollution have destroyed most of marine life in many parts of this planet. Several species have disappeared where there used to be healthy populations, an example of this was the Giant Pacific Manta ray that disappeared of the Gulf of California in the late 90s. However, there is a very remote place in Mexico the Archipelago of Revillagigedo, a biosphere reserve declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2016 where the Giant Mantas have been able to survive this planetary catastrophe.


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Series 11 | 3:00-5:00 pm

A Herd of Orphans

Rhino Shield

Panel discussion, Q&A with Kelly Balkos and other guests

A Herd of Orphans | 85 minutes

Producer: Kelly Balkos
Country: Zambia
World Premiere

When poachers kill adult elephants for their ivory, the calves that are left behind are orphaned, homeless, and unable to survive without the care of a herd. This endearing film takes us on a journey to Africa to meet these young elephants and explore the orphanage that gives these calves a second chance as A HERD OF ORPHANS.


Rhino Shield | 15 minutes

Producer: Billy Ward
Country: South Africa
World Premiere

Learn about Kiawah's thriving Turtle Patrol and their efforts to preserve this amazing species. See the hatchlings emerge from the nest and make their way to the ocean.





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Films and speakers subject to change prior to and during festival

Series 12 | 6:00-8:00 pm

GYAMO-Queen of the Mountains

Fate of the Mustang

The Secrets of the Kimberly

Panel discussion with Hyatt Mamoun and Trevor Almeida

GYAMO-Queen of the Mountains | 45 minutes

Producers: Gautam Pandey
and Doel Trivedy
Country: India
North America Premiere

Gyamo - the female snow leopard and her 2 cubs haven’t been seen since the big male snow leopard appeared. The father son wildlife filmmaker duo Mike and Gautam return to the same mountain to pick up their trail and find the cubs. Exploring this amazing landscape they discover there are many challenges that surround this endangered cat. Scientists estimate that 4500-10,000 snow leopards remain in the wild but their exact numbers are still not known. Even before the cats can be understood, its landscape is changing under the impacts of development and tourism. To truly understand the snow leopard it is imperative to understand the people who share its home and find solutions to protect this elusive cat and its habitat before it disappears forever. WATCH TRAILER >


Fate of the Mustang | 20 minutes

Producer: Hyatt Mamoun
Country: USA | World Premiere

In the American West, wild mustangs roam free. But their freedom, event their existence is threatened. It is now said these horses are overpopulated and compete with cattle and wildlife for food. If we do not find a solution to this problem, these horses could be needless slaughtered: taken off the range by helicopter and shipped off to slaughter houses for profit. slaughter is not the answer, there are other options such as adoption and contraception. This film highlights the efforts of the amazing people who work to protect these horses and find solutions to these problems.. WATCH TRAILER >

The Secrets of the Kimberly | 35 minutes

Producer/Director: Trevor Almeida
Country: Australia
World Premiere

This is a look at a wild space from an angle rarely seen. It is a place lost in time. No towns, no roads, no people. At times it has a chilling sense of loneliness and silence. A world without humans. At 424500 square kilometres it is bigger than Italy or Germany and has over 3000 uninhabited islands. It is the remote Kimberley coastline of Western Australia. This film highlights the rare species of the region through amazing photography and describes the marine science being undertaken to improve our understanding of this incredible part of the world. From the mighty blow of a giant humpback whale to the crackles of armies of micro crabs feeding, this is a showcase of life great and small. WATCH TRAILER >


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Series 13 | 8:30-10:30 pm

The Patterns of the Ocean

Baby Sharks and Climate Change

The Angel's Secret


Panel discussion with Julia Bahlsen and other guests

The Patterns of the Ocean | 45 minutes

Producers & Directors:
Claudia & Hendrik Schmitt
Country: Germany | World Premiere

Manta rays belong to the largest animals in the ocean, but are still holding many secrets. Yet, their time is running out: the gentle giants’ survival is threatened by a new trend in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Manta ray gill rakers allegedly cure all kinds of ailments including asthma, skin rashes, chicken pox and even cancer, fetching high prices on the markets. In our film, we accompany manta ray researcher Elitza Germanov on a field trip in the national park of Komodo, a UNESCO world heritage site situated in the heart of the Coral Triangle, the most biodiverse marine region on our planet. WATCH TRAILER >

Cageless 5 minutes

Producer: Julia Bahlsen
Country: USA | World Premiere

"Cageless" is a short film advocating for shark conservation by telling the personal encounters of leading shark conservationists Cristina Zenato and Jim Abernethy, as well as my own. I believe that in making shark conservation less about statistics and more about personal and emotional stories from people who have spend years diving and working with sharks, it makes the topic more tangible and approachable to the audience, even if they have never seen a shark for themselves, or if they previously believed the misconception that sharks are inherently aggressive animals.

Baby Sharks & Climate Change | 10 minutes

Producer: Tom Vierus
Country: France
World Premiere

Second only to fishing pressure, climate change threatens shark populations worldwide. Increasing ocean temperatures and decreasing pH and oxygen will impact all marine life. but sharks may be particularly vulnerable. They grow slowly, take a long time to mature, do not produce as many young as other fish species, and therefore may be unable to adapt fast enough to keep pace with climate change. The physioshark project – primarily based on Moorea, French Polynesia – has been investigating how climate change stressors affect newborn sharks since 2014. Because all 4.7 million km2 of French Polynesian waters comprise a shark sanctuary — the largest in the world – shark fishing/exploitation is banned.

The Angel's Secret | 26 minutes

Producer: Elodie Turpin
Country: Canada | World Premiere

Animal Empire covers global animal issues ranging from black bear hunts in Florida to hunting wolves to endangerment to secret plans to hunt endangered Florida panthers, the dog /cat meat trade, wildlife black market, rapidly decreasing species such as the pygmy elephants and orangutans from the palm oil industry. Animal Empire gets the truth and documents it to raise awareness and educate in an attempt to stop suffering and extinction of animal life in a time when this is of utmost importance.



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Films and speakers subject to change prior to and during festival