Thursday, October 18

Series 1 & Opening Reception

Opening Reception*, Photography Exhibit & Film Screenings

The Hundred-Year Old Whale
El Carpintero Gigante
The Last Wild Tigers

Panel discussion and Q&A with producer & director Andrew Wegst and Devin Temnik with WildAid. WCFF Founder & CEO, Christopher J. Gervais

Advanced Science Research Center
at the Graduate Center, CUNY
85 Saint Nicholas Terrace
New York, NY 10031

El Carpintero Gigante | 5 minutes

Producer, Leandro Herrainz
Country: Argentina | New York Premiere

This short documentary shows the family life, food and dangers faced by the rarely filmed, El Carpintero Gigante (The Magellanic Wood Pecker) in the Tierra Del Fuego National Park.

The Hundred Year Old whale | 15 minutes

Producers: Tony Wosk and
Mark Leiren-Young
Narrator: Laura Vandervoort
Country: Canada
New York Premiere

Born in an era when whales were on everyone's menu and her family members were being harpooned, then shot, then captured and put on display, Granny (J2) miraculously survived in the west coast waters for over a century as the world - and the world of whales - has changed completely. We meet the world's oldest killer whale and explore her past and her family's future.

The Last Wild Tigers | 45 minutes

Producer: Andrew Wegst
Country: India | World Premiere

The Last Wild Tigers follows the journey of well known musician Liu Huan as he travels to India to learn about the plight faced by the rapidly decreasing tiger population. He visits Ranthambore National Park and gets up close with tigers, their history and the trade in their body parts. These majestic animals are being hunted for their skin and bones to make various products used in Chinese traditional medicine. We learn about what India is doing to help protect the species and how their numbers are falling due to the illegal trade. WATCH TRAILER >

* Two hour open bar for beer, wine and non alcoholic drinks.


$45 for tickets

Films and speakers subject to change prior to and during festival