Friday, October 20

Series 1 | 12:00-2:00 pm

Kangaroo Island: Life on the Edge

Animal Sanctuaries, Episodes 1-3

Auditing the Blue Blood Bank

Amazonia Dammed

The Cook, the Hunter, The Whales and their Watchers

Mexican Fishing Bats

The Last Highland Tiger

A New Message for Smokey

Panel discussion, Q&A with producers Surane Weerasinghe and Peter Hatch. Special guests: Shelley Coldiron, Executive Director, W.O.L.F. Sanctuary, Rabiah Seminole, Founder, Blue Horse Mukwa Equine Retirement and Rescue Center and Kari Bagnall, Founder, Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary.

Kangaroo Island: Life on the Edge | 25 minutes

Producer: Samuel Chen
Country: Australia | World Premiere

This documentary reveals a largely forgotten story, one some speed past every day. Much of the wildlife on south Australia's Kangaroo Island have to share their home with speeding steel projectiles. In this documentary we discover what they have to endure to survive. WATCH TRAILER >

Animal Sanctuaries, Episodes 1-3 | 15 minutes

Producers: Peter Hatch, Philippa Budge &
Surane Weerasinghe
Country: USA | World Premiere

In a world where animals are forced to endure unspeakable suffering everyday, there are good people among us who will speak up for them, and give them a home. Come with us as we explore ANIMAL SANCTUARIES. WATCH TRAILER >

Auditing the Blue Blood Bank | 6 minutes

Producers: Meigan Henry and Steve De Neef | Hakai institute
Country: Canada | World Premiere

Horseshoe crabs have been saving our species—are we endangering theirs?

The Cook, the Hunter, The Whales and their Watchers | 5 minutes

Producers: Gord More and Steve De Neef | Hakai institute
Country: Iceland | World Premiere

Whale watchers and whale hunters intermingle in the waters off Reykjavík, Iceland. Can they coexist?

Mexican Fishing Bats | 6 minutes

Producers: Meigan Henry and Edward M. Roqueta | Hakai institute
Country: Mexico | World Premiere

In the Sea of Cortez, researchers delve into the mystery of a bat that makes its living at sea.

The Last Highland Tiger | 20 minutes

Producer: Katie Wardle
Country: United Kingdom | World Premiere



A New Message for Smokey | 9 minutes

Producers: Wild Nature Institute | Wildlens, Inc.
Country: USA | World Premiere

Forest fires across most of North America are as natural as sunshine and rain, and have been burning regularly since the end of the last ice age. Contrary to the story told by the media, politicians, the timber industry, and the US Forest Service that large fires are common and destructive, they actually are rare, and restorative to our forests.

Amazonia Dammed | 14 minutes

Producer: Ada Bodjolle
Country: United Kingdom |World Premiere

A film documenting the Munduruku community's fight against a mega-dam planned in their land, situated in the heart of the Amazon Forest.


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Series 2 | 2:30-4:30 pm

A Plastic Ocean

Gaviota: The End of Southern California

From the Shadows

Code Yellow

Panel discussion, Q&A with Tamlorn Chase, Shaw Leonard, and Matt Reid, Julie Andersen with the Plastic Ocean Foundation

 A Plastic Ocean | 20 minutes

Producers: Adam Leipzig and Jo Ruxton

An international team of adventurers, researchers, scientists and ocean ambassadors go on a mission around the globe to uncover the shocking truth about what is truly lurking on and beneath the surface of our seemingly pristine oceans. WATCH TRAILER >

Gaviota: The End of Southern California | 42 minutes

Producer: Tamlorn Chase | Director: Shaw Leonard
Country: USA | East Coast Premiere

Meticulously filmed over the course of five years, the film leads audiences from the ocean floor of the Santa Barbara Channel to the peaks of the jagged Santa Ynez Mountains. This wild journey crosses paths with breaching humpback whales, red-tailed hawks and elusive mountain lions. WATCH TRAILER >

From the Shadows | 15 minutes

Producer: Jacques de Vos
Country: Norway | World Premiere

Award-winning underwater cameraman Jacques de Vos takes viewers on an intimate journey into the life of orcas.

Code Yellow | 12 minutes

Producer: Erica Jaques
Country: New Zealand | World Premiere

Code Yellow is a documentary about the highly endangered Yellow-Eyed penguin, a species endemic to New Zealand. This film tries to uncover the reasons why they are moving toward extinction and expose the reality of their hardships on land. It shows the grim reality of their plight from the various perspectives of professional doctors, scientists, and caretakers who devote their time and energy to save this beautiful bird. WATCH TRAILER >




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Series 3 | 5:00-7:00 pm


To Dare to Save

Shark Whisperer

Little Teeth: Saving Sharks on Bali

Amazon River Dolphin

Melting Stars

Panel discussion, Q&A with Jane Mangubi

Yubartas | 27 minutes

Producer: Natalie Merchan
Country: Colombia | North America
Languages: English and Spanish

Every year, a population of humpback whales travels to these shores to mate and give birth in the region's shallow and calm waters. But several threats have appeared on the horizon that could endanger this population of ocean giants. Now, Choco's coastal communities are standing up to protect the whales, as well as their own livelihoods. WATCH TRAILER > 

Shark Whisperer | 20 minutes

Producers: Oleg Finodeyev and Meera Aminova
Country: Russia | World Premiere

We all grow up indoctrinated to believe the image of great white sharks as the deadliest and most dangerous creatures in the ocean, killer sharks. This perspective could not be more removed from reality. WATCH TRAILER > 

To Dare to Save | 7 minutes

Producer: Jane Mangubi
Country: USA | World Premiere

A young fox rescuer Mikayla Raines is fighting with the city of Lakeville, Minnesota for her right to keep rescuing foxes from the local fur farms and prepare them for adoption. Will she succeed or will the city stand in her way?

Little Teeth: Saving Sharks on Bali | 7 minutes

Producers: Claudia & Hendrik Schmidt
Country: Thailand | North America Premiere

Join the researchers working to save Bali's sharks from extinction.   WATCH TRAILER >

Amazon River Dolphin | 25 minutes

Producer: Fundacion Natibo
Country: Colombia | World Premiere
Languages: English and Spanish

The decline of this keystone species affects not only Colombia, but all of the Amazon. Join the team that's saving them.   WATCH TRAILER >

Melting Stars | 15 minutes

Producer: Kate Green
Country: Canada | World Premiere

The film unravels the mystery behind one of the most catastrophic species die offs in recorded history. In 2013 scuba divers of the coast of British Columbia discovered that the star fish were dying in the millions and suffering horrific deaths. They were disintegrating into goo on the ocean fllor and the environmental balance of the marine ecosystem was being changed. WATCH TRAILER >



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Series 4 | 8:00-10:00 pm

Why Just One?

Among Giants: Blue Whales in Loreto

Escaping Extinction: Whale Sharks of the Maldives


Panel discussion, Q&A with Andrea Gordon and Ashley Kelly

Why Just one? | 55 minutes

Producers: Michael Colin, Andrea Gordon & Paul Watson, Richard Dean Anderson, Holly Marie Combs
Country: Costa Rica

Set on some of the most beautiful but dangerous beaches in the world, a team risks everything to save the most vulnerable and ancient of creatures, sea turtles. WATCH TRAILER >

Among Giants: Blue Whales in Loreto | 10 minutes

Producers: National Commission of protected Areas of Mexico, Jaimi Rojo
Country: Mexico | World Premiere
Language: Spanish, subtitled in English

Escaping Extinction: Whale Sharks of the Maldives | 10 minutes

Producer: Ashley Kelly
Country: Maldives | North America Premiere

For over 60 million years, the mysterious Whale Shark has traversed the open sea, but very little is known about the world's largest fish, this docile shark. WATCH TRAILER >

HONU | 12 minutes

Producers: Paul Reddish and Nicolo Roccatagiliata | University of Salford
Country: United Kingdom | North America Premiere

Peer into the life and ecological role of the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle.


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