NYC Festival 2019

Ten days of films screenings, panel discussions, field trips, receptions, parties and a conference. Join us as we celebrate our eight year anniversary.


Cinema Village Theater
22 East 12th Street & University Place
New York, NY 10003

Individual Tickets
For each film series & panel discussion
$15 in advance or $20 at the door

See detailed schedule for each day:

Friday, Oct 18

Saturday, Oct 19

Sunday, Oct 20

Monday, Oct 21

Tuesday, Oct 22

Wednesday, Oct 23

(Schedule and ticket sales for remaining days coming soon.)

All Access Festival Pass
All two-hour film screenings and panel discussions, opening and closing receptions. Over 30 events between October 17-27.
Current Discount $295
Regular: $395
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Festival Schedule

Thursday, October 17
Welcome Reception | Location TBA

Friday, October 18 - Thursday, October 24
Cinema Village Theater
Films screenings, Panel discussion, Q&A
12:00 -2:00 pm
3:00-5:00 pm
6:00-8:00 pm
8:30-10:30 pm
Reception 10:45- ?

Friday, October 25
Columbia University Club of New York
Films screening & Panel discussion
Private Reception | 6:00-9:00 pm

Saturday, October 26
Field Trip - Jamaica Bay National Wildlife Refuge
Queens, NY | 11:00 am - 3:00 pm
Weather Depending

Sunday, October 27
Field Trip - American Museum of Natural History
77th Street & Central Park West | 12 noon-4pm
* Bon Voyage receptionn
Location & time: TBA

Selected Films

(As of 6/05/19)

Legends of Hollongapar
Udayan Borthakur, Director
Country: India | World Premiere

Uncaged: Saving China's Songbirds from the Poachers
Sean Gallagher, Producer & Director
Country: China | World Premiere

Keepers of the Forest
Roxy Rogam Producer & Director
Country: Australia | World Premiere

Birth of a Pride
Dereck and Beverly Joubert
Country: Botswana | World Premiere

Forgotten Forests of Malaysia
Oliver Page, Producer & Director
Country: Malaysia | World Premiere

The Secret Life of Frogs
Vijay Bedi and Ajay Bedi, Producers & Directors
Country: India | World Premiere

Sudan: The Last Male Standing
Zenith Adventure Media
Country: Mexico | World Premiere

Passage of Silt and Shell
James McDonald, Producer & Director
Country: USA | World Premiere

The Great Meadow
Yakiv Antypenko, Producer
Country: Ukraine | World Premiere

Sides of a Horn
Toby Wiskow, Producer and Director
Country: USA | North America Premiere

Desert Wetlands-Pulse of the Outback
Geoff Spanner, Producer & Director
Country: Australia | World Premiere

Maybe just a Fairytale
Geoff Spanner, Producer & Director
Country: Australia | World Premiere

Welcome to the Sixtinction
Chiara Cant, Director | The Magic Collective
Country: Italy | World Premiere

Simple Flow of Water
Hadi Ghazanfari, Producer
Country: Iran | World Premiere

A Place for Penguins
Tom Parry, Producer and Director
Country: South Africa | North America Premiere

Shark Addicts
Eilish M. Nobes, Producer and Director
Country: USA | World Premiere

Magical Land of Oz- Human Shift
Northern Pictures | Tosca Looby, Director
Karina Holden, Sue Cothier, Caroline Hawkins & Clare Birks, Producers
Country: Australia | World Premiere

Colorado's Moose
Sean Ender, Producer and Director
Country: USA | World Premiere

Land of the Outcast
Catalina Aristizabal, Producer & Director
Country: Colombia | World Premiere

Rodolfo Juarez, Producer & Director  | M31 Medios
Country: Mexico | World Premiere

Owls on the Line
Cesar Puechmarin, Producer & Director | Blue Shroom Studios
Country: Australia | World Premiere

Horse Rich and Dirt Poor
Katy Baldock, Producer & Director
Fin and Fur Films
Country: USA | World Premiere

Stolen Apes
Colin Sytsma, Producer & Director | Wood Grain Media
Country: Thailand | World Premiere

How Mass Die-Offs and Poaching Threaten Rare Asian Antelopes
John Wendle and Jennifer Murphy, Producers & Directors
Country: Senegal | World Premiere

Mointal Ranger
Weina Kong and Lulu Zheng, Producers | Ansiqi Li, Director
Country: Kazakhstan | World Premiere

The Final Breach
Jess Webster, Producer & Director
Country: Canada | USA Premiere

INDICIT - Marine litter impact on sea turtles
Raffaella Piermarini, Producer | Marco Pisapia, Director
Country: Italy | World Premiere

Rooted: The Hollow Heart
Dereck & Beverly Joubert, Executive Producers
Barend van der Watt, Producer & Director
Country: Zimbabwe | East Coast Premiere

Voces De La Selva
Jorge Ramos Luna, Producer & Director
Country: Mexico | World Premiere
Spanish | English Sub-titled

Beyond The Gun
Danielle Da Silva & Jeffrey Garriock, Directors
Photographers Without Borders
Country: South Africa | World Premiere

Love The Oceans
Danielle Da Silva & Jeffrey Garriock, Directors
Photographers Without Borders
Country: Mozambique | World Premiere
Language English & Portuguese

Passions for the Mammoth
Olga Vershinina, Producer
Sergey Yastrzhembskiy, Director
Country: Russia | World Premiere
Language: Russian (English subtitles)

Now Or Never
Matt Senior, Producer & Director
Country: Indonesia | World Premiere

Violet is Blue, A Tale of Gibbons and Gaurdians
Michael Thau and Dan Watt, Producers
Dr. Alex Azmi, Director
Country: USA | World Premiere

Rare Species and Nature Conservation
Burak Dogansoysal, Producer
Country: Turkey | World Premiere

Keeper of the Call
Billy Clapham, Producer
Country: United Kingdom | World Premiere

Uncle Elephant
Jon Bougher, Director | Wild Earth Allies
Country: Cambodia | World Premiere

Realm of the Robber - Christmas Island
Moritz Katz, Producer & Director
Country: Germany | World Premiere

The Queen of Taru
Rani Sridhar, Producer
Aishwarya Sridhar, Director
Country: India | World Premiere

Secrets of the Pangolin
Feng Cheng Lung, Producer & Director
Country: Taiwan | World Premiere

The Bat and the Agave
Director: Jodolfo Jaurez | M31 Medios
Producers: Margarita Flores and Rodolfo Jaurez
Country: Mexico | World Premiere

Saving Son Tra
Ryan Deboodt, Producer & Director
Country: Vietnam | World Premiere

Lost Kings of Bioko
Oliver Goetzl and Ivo Nörenberg, Producers
Country: Equatorial Guinea | East Coast Premiere

Split Oak
Vince Marucci, Producer & Director
Country: USA | World Premiere

The Rhino Cup
Myles Pizzey, Producer & Director
Countries: Mozambique & South Africa
World Premiere

The Last Turtle
Richard Sidey, Producer & Director
Country: Dominica | World Premiere

Following the Polar Bear
Olga Vershinina, Producer & Director
Sergey Yastrzhembskiy, Executive Producer
Country: Russia | North America Premiere
Language: Russian (English subtitles)

Disappearing Souls
Jayaprakash Bojan, Producer & Director
Sarah Tebea Sammel, Producer
Country: Singapore | World Premiere

Fish Act | Fighting Illegal Fishing
Tom Vierus, Proucer & Director
Country: Fiji | World Premiere

Breathing Room
Daphne Wong, Producer & Director
Country: China | East Coast Premiere

Cairngorm Reflections
Mat Larkin, Producer & Director
Country: United Kingdom | World Premiere

The View South: Pumas in Patagonia
Richard Szkiler, Director | Manuela Iglesias, Producer
Country: Argentina | World Premiere

At the Edge of Light
Luc Hardy, Producer
Country: Curacao | World Premiere

Laikipia Wild Dogs
Wildlife Direct, Dr. Paula Kahumbu
Country: Kenya | World Premiere

Amboseli Elephants
Wildlife Direct, Dr. Paula Kahumbu
Country: Kenya | World Premiere

Rhinos in the Freezer
Cintia Garal and Zsolt Marcell Toth, Producers
David Attila Molnar, Director
Country: Hungary | North America Premiere

River of Raptors
Erendira Hernandez, Producer & Director
Rodolfo Juarez & Erick Higuera, Executive Producers
Country: Mexico | World Premiere

African Drivers - Lion Light Story
Dime Cositas Films
Hector Salgado, Producer & Director
Country: Kenya | World Premiere

Saving Shadows
Pacific Rim Productions, Stephanie Campbell
Country: Australia | World Premiere

In Praise of Slow
Philippe Mac Gaw, Pronto Productions
Country: France | North America Premiere

The Wild Andes: Life in the Clouds
Christian Baumeister, Producer & Director
Shadow & Light Productions
Country: Germany

Darwin's Missed Islands - The Balearics
Marina Segui Prieto, Producer
Toni Escandell, Director
Country: Spain | World Premiere

Eye of the Pangolin
Bruce Young, Producer & Director
Country: South Africa | World Premiere

Otters and the Exotic Pet Trade
Will Foster-Grundy and Aaron Gekosk, Producers
Country: Japan | World Premiere

River Raisin Legacy Project
Brian James Egen, Producer
Bradley M. Egen, Director
Country: USA | World Premiere

Do Rhino's Have a Future?
Marietta Musyoka, Producer
Hetal "Teeku" Patel, Director
Country: Kenya | North America Premiere

Kio Kio
Peter Vandergrift, Producer
Lousiana Kreutz, Director
Country: French Polynesia | World Premiere

Pangolins: Scales of the Trade
Andrea Walji, Producer & Director
Country: Cameroon | World Premiere

Michaela’s Map: Sierra Leone
Michaela Guzy, Producer & Director
Country: Sierra Leone | World Premiere

Saving Kauai's Seabirds
Ian A. Nelson, Producer & Director
Country: USA | World Premiere

Survival of the Sun Bears
Jocelyn Stokes & Aaron Sandhu, Producers
Country: Malaysia | World Premiere

The Hidden Tiger
Rescue Doc Films | Michael Samstag, Producer
Country: USA | World Premiere

The Kingdom of the Lion Tailed Macaque
Poorna Kedar, Producer
Country: India | World Premiere

The Mystery of Hawksbill
Octavio Aburto, Producer | Thor Morales, Director
Country: Mexico | World Premiere

Chungungo: A Mentor's Tale
Rene Araneda Conteras & Mauricio Handler-Ruiz, Producers
Ben Goertzen, Director
Casey Anderson, Creative Director VisionHawk Films
Country: USA | World Premiere

The Western Ghats-A Mystical Realm
Vishruth Cavale, Producer & Director
Country: India | World Premiere


Panel Speakers

Richard Turere
Maasai Warrior and Founder of Lion Lights
Nairobi National Park, Kenya

Jane Alexander
Author, wildlife conservationists & WCFF Advisory Board member
Tony Award winner and two-time Emmy Award winner.

Dr. Carl Safina
Ecologist, Author, Filmmaker
Professor Stony Brook University
Founder & President, Safina Center

David M. Hamlin
Pulitzer and multi-Emmy winning Executive Producer
Washington, D.C.

Dr. Craig O'Connell
Founder and Executive Director,
OSeas Conservation Foundation, Inc
Host of Discovery Channel's Shark Week

Geoff Spanner, Filmmaker
Atherton, Queensland

James McDonald | Filmmaker
New School
New York, NY

Felix Aboyami | Founder & CEO
Wildlife of Africa Conservation Initiative
Lagos, Nigeria

Eilish M. Nobes | Filmmaker
Fat Panda Productions, LLC
Savannah, GA

Samantha Gargour | Founder
Wild Conversations
Nicosia, Cyprus

Chira Cant | Filmmaker
The Magic Collective
Vicenza, Italy

Sean Ender | Filmmaker
EnderPost, Inc.
Evergreen, CO

Keith Williams | Author, Filmmaker & Executive Director
NorthBay Conservancy
North East, MD

Dr. Nadia Rubio
Marine Biologist
Merida, Yucatan | Mexico

Matt Senior | Filmmaker
National Film and Television School
South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Dr. Alex Azmi
Emmy-Award Winner Filmmaker
Los Angeles, CA

Tuy Sereivathana (Vathana)
Cambodia Program Director, Wild Earth Allies

Benjamin Zenith | Filmmaker
Founder & Co-owner Zenith Adventures Media
Mexico City, Mexico

Tobal Cristobal | Filmmaker
Founder & Co-owner Zenith Adventures Media
Mexico City, Mexico

Aishwarya Sridhar
Film Director
Navi Mumbai City, India

Rodolfo Jaurez | Film Producer & Director
Founder, M31 Medios
Mexico City, Mexico

Colin Systma | Film Producer
Wood Grain Media
Milwaukee, WI

Matt Bracken | Anti-Poaching Ranger/Filmmaker
Wild & Free Foundation
Pittsburgh, PA

Myles Pizzey
Film Producer & Director
Lausanne, Switzerland

Hector Salgado, Director & Producer
Dime Cositas Films
Mexico City, Mexico

Cesar L. Leite
Biologist & Wildlife Filmmaker
São Paulo, Brazil

Richard Szkiler, Director
The View South, LTD
England, United Kingdom

Manuela Iglesias, Producer
The View South, LTD
England, United Kingdom

Jayaprakash Bojan, Producer & Director

Sarah-Tabea Sammel
Founder of Social Enterprise for Creative Media, Education & Arts

Eréndira Hernández, Producer & Director
Macholina Films
Mexico City, Mexico

Louisiana Kreutz
New York, NY

Tiffany Lyyn Deater
Filmmaker, SUNY Professor
University of Oswego
Oswego, NY

Kashmir Wolf
Neotropical Bird Biologist
Veracruz Estate University
Veracruz, Mexico

Andrea Walji
Executive Producer
Triangle Monday
London, United Kingdom

Jack Wylson
The Big Sky
London, United Kingdom

Katie Frohardt
Executive Director
Wild Earth Allies

Poorna Kedar
Wildlife filmmaker and photographer
Bangalore, India

Gabi Skollar
Director of the Gibbon Conservation Center
Santa Clarita, CA

Michaela Guzy
Producer & Director
New York, NY

Jocelyn Stokes
Wild & Stoked Productions
Beaverton, OR

Michael Samtesto
Co Founder, Rescue Doc Films
Knoxville, TN

Josh Gildrie
Co Founder, Rescue Doc Films
Knoxville, TN

Shelley Lucille Smith
Wildlife videographer and camerawoman
New York, NY

Pablo Garcia Saldana
Wildlife videographer and cameraman
Mexico City, Mexico

* Schedule of Speakers & Films subject to change prior to and during event.