Friday, October 18

Series 1 | 12:00-2:00 pm

Darwin's Missed Islands

An Unnatural Wonder

River Raisin Legacy

SUDAN: The Last Male Standing

How Poaching Threatens the Saiga Antelope

Our Story: The Native plant Garden

*Panel discussion with filmmaker Clayton Rawson and
founding gardens designer, James Johnson

Darwin's Missed Islands | 52 minutes

Producer: Marina Segui Prieto
Director: Toni Escandell                Country: Spain | World Premiere

The islands that Charles Darwin Would have liked to explore. In the Mediterranean Sea. there is a group of isolated lands whose inhabitants evolved separately from !he rest ol the planet. We're talking about a world apart with unique fauna, made up ol lour main islands that have thousands of tales to tell.


An Unnatural Wonder | 30 minutes

Producers: Brandon Loomis & Shaun McKinnon Directors: David Wallace & Michael Chow
Country: USA | World Premiere

The Grand Canyon, it is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Thousands of feet deep and miles wide, it has been carved by the power of the Colorado river over millions of years. Since the gates of Glen Canyon Dam were closed in 1963, the ecology of the Colorado River in Grand Canyon, has been altered; impacting bugs, fish, flow regimes, beaches and vegetation. Some fear there is no going back. The power of the river remains but it is entirely controlled by man. Take a journey down the river and through this iconic landscape to experience this natural wonder.


Our Story: The Native Plant Garden | 7 minutes

Director: Clayton Rawson
Country: USA | World Premiere

t’s hard to imagine what Brooklyn, NY looked like 400 years ago. But, that was the goal of volunteers when they began creating The Native Plant Garden at the Narrows Botanical Gardens in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

25 years ago, a small park on Shore Road at the edge of NY Harbor had been long neglected by NY City and its Parks Department. Neighbor Volunteers reclaimed the 4.5 acre park and turned it into the Narrows Botanical Gardens with flower beds, rose gardens, an ornamental tree forest, a lily pond, a plant nursery, a chicken coop and, in one corner, a very special place… the Native Plant Garden.

River Raisin Legacy | 12 minutes

Producers: Brian James Egan
Director: Bradley M. Egan
Country: USA | World Premiere

The city of Monroe, Michigan, Commission on the Environment and Water Quality (COTE) mini documentary film, detailing the extensive remediation cleanup work, habitat restoration and recreational enhancements that have taken place in the River Raisin over the past two decades. Filmed over the course of 2018, the recent work on the River Raisin to de-list it as an Area of Concern (AOC), which includes removal of dams, installation of fish passages, and re invigoration of the natural environment


SUDAN: The Last Male Standing | 5 minutes

Producer: Zenith Adventure Media
Benjamin Soto Ferraris & Jose Ignacio Soto Ferraris
Country: Kenya | New York Premiere

Biodiversity loss is considered one of the biggest environmental challenges of our times. Since 1970, humanity has wiped out 60% of the vertebrate species on earth. This short film shares the story of "Sudan", the last male northern white rhino in the world, who died on March 19, 2018.

How Poaching Threatens the Saiga Antelope | 6 minutes

Producer & Director: John Wendle
Country: Kazakhstan | World Premiere

The critically saiga antelope, plagued by disease and prized for the horns, are the center for conservation efforts in Asia. Today, there are less than 225,000 saiga antelope in Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Russia. In 2015 a mystery disease in Kazakhstan caused a masse die off over 250,000 in just a few weeks, exterminating nearly 65% of the global population. Although the saiga antelope is now slowing recovering it is threatened by poaching. In an effort to save the remaining population conservationists and anti-poaching rangers joined efforts in the Irgiz-Turgay.


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Series 2 | 3:00-5:00 pm

Passions for the Mammoth

Breathing Room

Discovering Rann

Listeners of the Wind - The Pardhi Story

Panel discussion with producers:

Passions for the Mammoth  | 52 minutes

Producer: Olga Vershinina
Director: Sergey Yastrzhembskiy
Country: Russia | World Premiere

Takes place in the extreme Russia North and reveals how to her huge reserves of mammoth ivory, Russia can save African Elephants from poaching.

Breathing Room
 | 30 minutes

Producer: Daphne Wong
Country: Hong Kong
World Premiere

'Breathing Room' is a documentary on the plight of the Chinese White Dolphins in Hong Kong. The film brings to light the research and conservation work that is being done to save them, and discusses the implications of habitat loss due to continuous coastal developments for these iconic pink dolphins. The Chinese White Dolphin has been living in the waters of Hong Kong for hundreds of years. The dolphin, which is in fact pink in appearance, is nicknamed 'Panda of the Sea' due to its rarity and friendliness. Despite being chosen as the handover mascot in 1997 when Britain returned the region to China, the Chinese White Dolphin's fate is not auspicious at all. Their numbers have plunged 75% since 2003, and the species was recently up listed to the 'Vulnerable' status on the IUCN Red List. They are facing multiple threats, including habitat loss due to coastal development, water pollution, and danger of collision with vessels.


Discovering Rann | 26 minutes

Producer: Sabyasachi Patra
Country: India
World Premiere

Discovering Rann showcases the unique landscape and biodiversity of Rann of Kutch. It not only contains shots of beautiful animals and birds but also stands out due to the emphasis on showing the behavior of wildlife, their unique adaptations to survive in the harsh desert ecosystem, the challenges faced including life and death struggles. The struggle of the species is also seen from the perspective of wildlife conservation. It contains several small stories of different species captured through painstaking efforts spread over many days and nights.


Listeners of the Wind - The Pardhi Story | 12 minutes

Producer & Director: Shatabdi Chakrabart
Country: India | World Premiere

Listeners of the Wind- The Pardhi story, is a short documentary on the Pardhi community, a forest dwelling people, living in the jungles of Central India. The Pardhis are traditionally hunters and were used extensively by Kings and Britishers. However, after the British left India, the Pardhis were denounced as a tribe and were stuck in a viscous cycle of crime. Today the younger generation has given up hunting and work as wildlife conservationists using their age old knowledge to preserve the forests and live a a sustainable lifestyle.




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Films and speakers subject to change prior to and during festival

Series 3 | 6:00-8:00 pm

Desert Wetlands - Pulse of the Outback 
Disappearing Souls
Fish Act
Saving Shadows 

*Q&A with Geoff Spanner

DESERT WETLANDS: Pulse of the Outback 35 minutes

Producer: Geoff Spanner
Country: Australia | World Premiere

A journey through the astonishing Desert Wetlands of Central Australia. One of only two remaining wild desert river systems left on Earth, its value is beyond precious. Filmed over several years, this film explores the natural cycles of life and death in this land of boom or bust. The importance of the Desert Wetlands on a global scale cannot be overstated. It is not well known however even among those that live in bordering regions. This film attempts to show the natural wonder of an environment that is globally almost gone. We still can save Australia’s Desert Rivers, but there is little time left.


Disappearing Souls | 25 minutes

Producers: Sarah Tebea Sammel and
Jayaprakash Bojan
Country: Indonesia | World Premiere

Featuring the biodiversity of Borneo facing extinction due to rainforest deforestation from the Palm Oil industry. The Red Ape, orangutans and over 2,000 thousand other species are facing rapid extinction in the current trend of habitat destruction, poaching and wildlife trade for the pet industry continues.


Fish Act | 15 minutes

Producer/Director: Tom Vierus
Country: Italy | World Premiere

"FishAct" is a grass roots NGO that fights illegal practices within the fishing and reports them to responsible authorities. This film tells the story of the organization and how ordinary citizens conduct undercover port patrols. Join the team of volunteers on the Italian island of Sicily, where the legal and illegal swordfish industry is thriving and how the organization attempts to shed light on the illegal fishing activities.


Saving Shadows | 12 minutes

Producers: Stephanie Campbell
Country: Australia | World Premiere

This documentary features the Bat Conservation & Rescue Queensland foxing fox carer and "bat mum" Denise Wade describes the high and lows of saving Australia's threatened megabats, one orphan at a time.





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Films and speakers subject to change prior to and during festival

Series 4 | 8:30-10:30 pm

The Western Ghats - A Mystical Realm



Violet is Blue - A tale of Gibbons & Guardians

The Final Breach

*Panel discussion With Dr. Alex Azimi,  Michael Thau and Gabi Skollar, director of the Gibbon Conservation Center

The Western Ghats - A Mystical Realm | 8 minutes

Producer: Vishruth
Country: India | World Premiere

A short documentary depicting the endemic species, culturally diverse and distinct places that make up the Western Ghats - a biodiversity hotspot. The documentary focuses on the variety of plant and animal life found in the rainforests. It throws light upon the flagship species, namely the Malabar Gliding Frog, The Dancing Frog, Liontaile Macaque and the King Cobra. Eventually depicting the culturally diverse population that co-exist with these endemic species.

Kokoly | 15 minutes

Producer & Director : Matthew Judge | Blue Ventures
Country: Madagascar | World Premiere

Kokoly tells the story of an incredible woman. Against a backdrop of extreme poverty and a marine environment changing beyond her control, Kokoly lives on a knife's edge. Kokoly follows a traditional Vezo fisherwoman, Madame Kokoly - as she reflects on her life experiences and carries out her daily routine in and around the coastal waters of southwest Madagascar.

Through Kokoly's words (and those of other women in her community) we gain an insight into the heavy toll that overfishing and habitat destruction has taken on the Vezo people. We experience the reality of their daily struggle for survival through the eyes of a unique character who has seen how the sea has changed in her lifetime.


Okavango | 5 minutes

Producer: Chris Schmid
Country: Botswana World Premiere

Africa's Okavango River Basin, which covers 125,000 square miles, is home to the largest remaining population of African elephants, as well as significant populations of lions, cheetahs, wild dogs and hundreds of species of birds. It is also a vital source of water for more than 1 million people and feeds Botswana's majestic Okavango Delta that is now threatened by human activity along the rivers that feed it.


Violet is Blue - A Tale of Gibbons & Guardians
40 minutes

Producer: Michael Thau and Dan Witt.  Executive Producer & Director: Dr. Alex M. Azmi
Country: USA World Premiere

This heartwarming, sometimes heart-wrenching cinematic documentary will draw you into a world the likes of which you have never seen. A fascinating society of Gibbons and their Guardians in a remote Conservation Center. Adversity will test the Center's resolve, yet the fun and joy of these singing apes- especially Violet, will capture your soul.


The Final Breach | 17 minutes

Producer & Director, Jess Webster
Country: United Kingdon
North America Premiere

The inland waters of the Pacific Northwest play host to some of the world's most spectacular wildlife, including the Killer Whale. But this is no paradise for the Ocean's top predator, and beneath the surface a disturbing scene is unfolding. Following a series of tragic deaths, the Southern Resident killer whales have been missing from their coastal home for over a month. Determined to find them, local whale watch enthusiasts Gary Sutton and Talsi Shaw take to the seas in a story that surrounds a community of killer whales in crisis and two of their biggest advocates on a mission to protect them.



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Films and speakers subject to change prior to and during festival