Saturday, October 19

Series 5 | 12:00-2:00 pm

The Secret Life of Frogs

Amboseli Elephants

Lakipia Wild Dogs

Voces de la Selva


The Secret Life of Frogs | 54 minutes

Producer/Director: Ajay and Vijay Bedi
Country: India | World Premiere

Deep in the swampy rainforests of India, live tiny creatures as old as dinosaurs. Sadly, more than 80% of the 400 species of amphibians found in India are endangered. Some have not been seen in years and yet still a mystery to science. A wildlife filmmaker and photographer Vijay Bedi is on a 3 year long quest to film from behavioral facts hitherto unknown to science. On this journey, Bedi captures species that have their own unique story to tell - a frog that uses dance moves to seduce its mate, another that does a headstand, or the "potter frog" that gently encases his eggs in clay to protect from predators. Documenting for the first time the entire life cycle of the highly endangered, rare purple frog that emerges from the underground for just one day a year to breed.


Amboseli Elephants | 25 minutes

Producer/Director: Dr. Paula Kahumbu
Country: Kenya | World Premiere

Wildlife Warriors is a television series to showcase Africa’s amazing wildlife and to shine a light on the people who are fighting to save it. In this episode Dr. Paula Kahumbu goes to Amboseli National Park in Kenya to learn about elephants from Wildlife Warriors Norah Njiraini and Katito Saiyalel of Amboseli Trust for Elephants. There are 1600 elephants in the Amboseli ecosystem. Each one is known by name.

Laikipia Wild Dogs | 25 minutes

Producer: Dr. Paula Kahumbu
Country:  Kenya | World Premiere

Wildlife Warriors is a television series to showcase Africa’s amazing wildlife and to shine a light on the people who are fighting to save it. In this episode, Dr. Paula Kahumbu goes to Laikipia to meet Dedan Ngatia, a conservationist who has dedicated his life saving Wild Dog

Voces de la Selva | 15 minutes

Producer: Juan Carlos Serio Silva
Director: Jorge Ramos Luna
Country:  | World Premiere

Wildlife conservation is a community effort. After the loss of Lolo, former manager of the Primatological Research Station of Balancan, Tabasco, his family and a group of conservationists undergo the task of revitalizing the site and kickstart a collective dream of conservation, to protect the Black Howler Monkey.



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Series 6 | 3:00-5:00 pm

The Last Turtle 

Saving Kauai’ Seabirds  

Alice in Borneo’s Wonderland 

360 coral Reefs - Life Below the Surface

The Bog Turtle 

*Panel discussion with Ian Nelson and  Scott McDaniel, Executive Director, Susque Hannock Wildlife Society.

The Last Turtle | 45 minutes

Producer & Director: Richard Sidey
Country: Dominica | World Premiere

The Last Turtle is a film documenting the work of Dominica Sea Turtle Conservation Organisation (DomSetCo).

Dominica has five species of turtle, three of which nest on the island's beaches - the Leatherback, Hawksbill and the Green Sea Turtle. Local turtle populations are in rapid decline due to a number of reasons including habitat loss, plastic pollution and climate change but the main contributing factor is the poaching of sea turtles when they're up on the beach nesting.

We hope this video series helps call attention to the rapid decline of sea turtles.

Saving Kauai’ Seabirds | 32 minutes

 Director: Ian Nelson
Country: USA | World Premiere

Synopsis: From Coriolis Films, Saving Kauai's Seabirds focuses on conservation efforts for endangered native seabird species, which are vital to the islands' ecosystem. Hawaii has lost more native species than any other state in the country due to invasive species take over and lost of habitat.

Alice in Borneo's Wonderland | 15 minutes

Producer & Director: Oliver Deppert
Country: Malaysia | World Premiere

Sixteen year old Alice dives through the Looking Glass into the undewater world of Borneo, learning to SCUBA, discovering sharks and finding the ocean wild is not all as it appears at the surface.

Alice in Borneo’s Wonderland is a ten minute documentary about a young Chinese-Canadian woman’s adventure through the looking glass into the underwater world of Borneo, where she learns how to dive, discovers sharks and the threats to their survival. Shot in 4K, the film follows Alice in her adventure underwater at Pom Pom Island in Malaysian Borneo where she is trained, and then joins shark conservationist David McGuire of Shark Stewards.

360 Coral Reefs - Life Below the Surface | 5 minutes

Producers & Directors:
Hendrik S. Schmitt
and Claudia Schmitt
Country:  Germany | World Premiere

Join us on a journey through the Coral Triangle and its magnificent coral reefs. These underwater gardens  have the largest biodiversity of  life on Earth and can only be compared to tropical rainforests. But as the planet keeps warming, our oceans are changing. Coral bleaching, ocean acidification, overfishing and pollution are threatening the world’s coral reefs and their fragile ecosystems. Our oceans and its reefs must be protected now for the benefit of future generations and the health of our blue planet.

The Bog Turtle  | 15 minutes

Producer & Director: Scott McDaniel
Country:  USA | World Premiere

Synopsis: TBA


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Films and speakers subject to change prior to and during festival

Series 7 | 6:00-8:00 pm

Do Rhinos Have a Future

The Lost Kings of Bioko

Passage of Silt and Shell

* Panel disucssion with producer James McDonald and Shelly Lucille Smith, wildlife videographer

Do Rhinos have a future | 25 minutes

Producer: Marietta Musyoka      Director: Hetal "Reeku" Patel
Country: Kenya | World Premiere

In 1970, Kenya was home to 20,000 Eastern Black Rhinos. By 1989, only 400 rhinos were left. They were killed for their horns, which are prized in Asia for folk medicine. Even though there is no scientific proof that the raw material of both rhino horns and human fingernails has any medicinal value, a kilo of rhino horn keratin fetches $60,000 on the black market. Conservationists say that the only way to save rhinos from extinction is to create secure habitats for them to live and breed. Ol Pejeta Conservancy, which started with only four black rhinos in 1988, is now home to one hundred and fourteen. Each of Ol Pejeta's rhinos is protected by rangers and armed guards at a cost of $10,000 / year. But this expense is part of a comprehensive business plan where wildlife protection has to pay its own way.

Passage of Silt and Shell | 12 minutes

Producer & Director: James McDonald
Country: USA | World Premiere

This film gives us a look into the lives, routines and techniques of local oystermen surrounding New York City and observes how our relationship to the oyster has become both a cultural and environmental force - from oyster farm to plate.

The Lost Kings of Bioko | 50 minutes

Producer: Oliver Gotelz
Gulo Films
Country: Equatorial Guinea
East Coast Premiere

Off the coast of Central Africa lies an isolated island, covered by primeval rainforest and surrounded by dark ocean waters, inhabited by a greater variety of species than nearly any other place on Earth this terra incognita is called BIOKO. The ruler of this realm is one of the world's least known primate species, the drill. Historically revered, indigenous folklore tells us of a drill king who ruled the island’s forests, a place where drills still play a critical role in the health of an ecosystem known to scientists as a biodiversity hotspot. Bordering this kingdom is the black sand coastline, an ancient nesting ground for giant sea turtles. This film explores the secret lives of drills and their mysterious island home as we follow a family group and a newborn who discovers this tropical paradise with all its challenges for the first time.



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Series 8 | 8:30-10:30 pm

The Kingdom of the Lion Tailed Macaque

Chungungo: A Mentor’s Tale

The Hidden Tiger

Friends of Split Oak

*Panel discussion with Michael Samstag, Josh Gildrie, Elizabeth McGovern with Rescue Doc Films and Vince Marucci with Friends of Split Oak

The Kingdom of the Lion Tailed Macaque | 25 minutes

Producers: Pixellin Travel & Photography
Country: India | World Premiere

A natural history documentary about one of the rare primates of the world - Lion Tailed Macaques. Lion Tailed Macaques, a rare primate endemic to the Western Ghats of India. This endangered species has a very small geographical distribution range and goes through a decline in the existing wild population. The documentary is filmed at one of the critical habitats of this species with the aim of spreading awareness about  this flagship species . The documentary highlights the role of Lion Tailed Macaque in keeping the tropical rain forest healthy and also talks about the threats they face.


Friends of Split Oak | 10 minutes
Producer & Director, Vince Marucci
World Premiere

Synopsis: TBA

Chungungo: A Mentor's Tale | 10 minutes

Producers: Rene' Araneda Contreras and Maurico Handler-Ruiz                                Director: Ben Goertzen
Country: Chile | World Premiere

An endangered, South American Marine Otter mother and her two pups act as a vehicle into a poetic exploration of the threshold between comfort and action. Through blending traditional blue-chip cinematography with a philosophical narration the smallest marine mammal in the world is used as a mentor to teach humans about trusting their internal compass and confronting difficult questions. From showing a caring mother, to a playful sibling bond, to the kelp forests that nourish their entire ecosystem, this film aims to build empathy for animals as complex beings with more depth than we give them credit for.

The Hidden Tiger | 48 minutes

Producer: Rescue Doc Films
Country: Country: USA | World Premiere

We began the 20th century with over 100,000 wild tigers. We ended the same century with less than 4,000. Hunted and then poached, encroached upon and then slaughtered, the wild tigers of Asia are in trouble and face extinction. But there is a secret number, a terrifying number few know: the shocking number of the hidden tigers of America. An estimated 10,000 of these live in the backyards, roadside attractions, theme parks, zoos and sanctuaries throughout North America. THE HIDDEN TIGER travels the world and exposes the deadly links between the captive tigers and the wild tigers' possible extinction.


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Films and speakers subject to change prior to and during festival