Thursday, October 24

Series 25 | 12:00-2:00 pm

Mointal Ranger

Water Birds of Curacao

Wild rede selvage

Mointal Ranger
| 15 minutes

Weina Kong & Lulu Zheng, Producers
Ansiqi Li, Director
China International Communication Center
Country: China & Kazakhstan
World Premiere

Mointal Ranger is a 16-minute short observational documentary film. It tells the story of a Chinese Russian forest keeper who is using his lifetime to guard the forest in the frontier of China and Kazakhstan. China is a vast country with 55 ethnic groups living on it. These groups are distributed in every corner of China, forming a variety of cultures. In recent years, China’s environment has been greatly improved, which has been achieved by the continuous efforts of many silent contributors. Xuebing Zhao, as a member of the Russian group, sticks to his dream with his practical actions and protects the forest. Mointal Ranger is about his story.


Wild rede selvage | 77 minutes

DGCA Filmes
Producer: Raulff Lima
Director: Dener Giovanni
Country: Brazil | World Premiere
Language: Portuguese
(English subtitles)

The World Wild Web documentary shows how wildlife trafficking can be harmful to the conservation of Brazilian biodiversity and how the average citizen can engage in this cause and help to combat a criminal activity that illegally withdraws about 38 million animals from nature each year. The feature film makes an investigation that shows a cruel new face of illegal wildlife trade: the wildlife trafficking in the virtual world. The worldwide computer network, especially the Social Networks, has become a new and fertile ground for this criminal activity. WILD is an exciting film that will arouse in the viewer a citizen awareness for respecting and loving animals.


Water Birds of Curacao | 40 minutes

Carmabi Foundation Curacao
Directed by: Eloise van Wickeren
Produced by: Robin Amatmoestar
Country: Curacao | World Premiere

The movie "Birds of Curacao" is a beautiful film about our rich Caribbean bird life and our water birds in particular. Whether you are an enthusiastic birdwatcher, tourist, nature lover, interested in the beautiful scenery of Curacao; this film is worthwhile for everyone. For sure, the movie will inspire you to come over to our Caribbean island.


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Series 26 | 3:00-5:00 pm


Journey of the Whooping Crane

The Mystery of the Hawskbill

| 50 minutes

Producer & Director: Andrew Power
Country: Ireland | World Premiere

Andrew Power worked as a seabird warden on Rockabill, a tiny island with a lighthouse off the coast of Dublin. Most of the European population of the rare Roseate Tern breeds on Rockabill and there has been a conservation project on the island every summer for the past 30 years. Andrew spent 4 months on Rockabill with just one other warden for company while working on this incredible island. There are thousands of birds nesting on Rockabill and it is truly one of the most unique wildlife areas in Ireland. This film captures Andrew's experience and the life-cycle of the protected birds.

The Mystery of the Hawksbill | 10 minutes

Producer: Octavio Aburto
Director: Thor Morales
Country: Mexico | World Premiere

"The Mystery of the Hawksbill" is a short film on the recent discovery of a Hawksbill aggregation in the Sea of Cortez, at one small estuary in San Jose Island. Yet a new discovery for science, local fisherman already knew about the presence of careyes in the estuary. They stopped fishing sea turtles long ago, and established a fishery refuge in the estuary. Since then hawksbills came back in important numbers, staying longer than expected. A surprise that has aroused more questions than answered, opening a new path that scientists will follow to pursue better-informed conservation strategies for this endangered species.


Journey of the Whooping Crane | 52 minutes

Red Sky Productions
Greg Pope & Rhett Turner, Producers
Country: USA | East Coast Premiere

Filmed over a two-year period throughout the United States and Canada, “Journey of the Whooping Crane” is a natural history documentary presenting the story of North America’s tallest bird.  Whooping Cranes stand five feet tall and have a wingspan of over seven feet.  They migrate 2700 miles each way from their wintering grounds on the gulf coast of Texas and their summer breeding grounds in the Northwest Territories of Canada.  They are one of the rarest animals on earth, with a little more than 400 birds in the wild.

In 1940, there were only fourteen wild birds, and only two or three breeding pairs.  Since that critical low, the conservation efforts of many government agencies and non-profits have worked in concert to bring the birds back.  Scientists have employed remarkable and novel ideas to aid the restoration effort.

“Journey of the Whooping Crane” presents a natural history of the bird and highlights conservation efforts to restore this magnificent animal.  With the number of birds increasing, this is a rare success story for endangered species today, but a struggle that is far from over.




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Series 27 | 6:00-8:00 pm

Red Ape, Surviving the Orangutan

Not a Pet

Pangolins: Scale of the Trade

Building an Elephant Friendly Future

*Panel discussion with Producers Andrea Walji and Ben Williamson, Director of Campaigns for World Animal Protection

RED APE: Saving the Orangutan | 60 minutes




Producer & Director: Rown Musgrave; OffSpring Films, Ltd.
Country: United Kingdom  |  World Premiere

For the last decade, a team of front-line medics has been fighting to save Borneo's critically endangered orangutans. Armed with camera, International Animal Rescue has documented their struggle: pulling apes from devastated jungle, giving emergency medical care, rehabilitating, and releasing the healthiest orangutans back into the wild. This is the story of their life-saving work and of how one of our closest wild relatives has been pushed to the brink of extinction. Combining genuine rescue footage with contributions from experts throughout, this Natural World documentary looks toward the future and asks what hope remains to save the orangutan.

Not a Pet | 5 minutes

Producer/Director, Andrea Walji
Country:  | World Premiere

Hundreds of cheetah cubs are being stolen from the wild, decimating the wild population in Africa.  For every 5 cubs that are taken, only 1 survives.  They are being smuggled illegally into the Middle East to be sold as pets.  Not A Pet looks at the illegal wildlife pet trade, and the role social media plays in the parading and trading of exotic animals online.


Pangolins: Scale of the Trade | 5 minutes

Producer & Director, Andrea Walji
Country: Canada | World Premiere

Pangolins are the most trafficked mammal in the world; but the world is only just starting to learn more about them. "Pangolins: Scale of the Trade" looks at the mass scale of the illegal pangolin trade, the people on the ground trying to save them, and ways we can turn the trade around.

Building an Elephant Friendly Future | 16 minutes

World Animal Protection
Country: Thailand | World Premiere

The documentary showcases the journey of Happy Elephant Valley as it approaches reopening as ChangChill, using it as a backdrop to celebrate the contribution and support of the travel industry and the movement we are building through our Coalition for Ethical Wildlife Tourism (CEWT). It features footage of the transition process and interviews with representatives from World Animal Protection and the travel industry, external experts and the communities for which the transitioned venue will continue to provide a livelihood.


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Films and speakers subject to change prior to and during festival

Series 28 | 8:30-10:30 pm

Magical Land of Oz

Among Eucalyptus

Owls on the Line

Maybe Just a Fairytale

Q&A with Geoff Spanner and other guests TBA

Magical Land of Oz | 55 minutes

Producer: Karina Holden & Sue Clothier
Northern Pictures
Country: Australia
World Premiere

Despite Australia's relatively small population, the force of human induced change has been rapid and dramatic. And so, animal populations have reacted in rapid and dramatic ways. Researchers have found hectare to hectare, containing more threatened species than non-urban areas. It appears cities are in fact the hotspots for Australia's unique fauna. Wild lives, intersect with human lives in surprising ways. We meet Australia's contemporary natural history success stories, and those left behind as the continent rushes through the 21st century.

Maybe Just a Fairytale | 5 minutes

Geoff Spanner, Producer & Director
Country: Australia | World Premiere

Maybe just a fairytale is a whimsical film of Australian wildlife that came to a place that has everything they need to live and to enjoy life to the fullest. But it is also a cautionary tale that tells us that unless Australia changes the way they deal with their wildlife all we will have left is a fairytale. It also seeks to dispel the myth that all of Australia’s wildlife are dangerous

Among Eucalyptus | 27 minutes

Producer/Director: Zoe Cousins
Country: Australia | World Premiere


The amazing world of Eucalyptus. Transporting you to another side of the planet, where stories of remarkable animals are brought to the screen. Explore how these animals have adapted to an extraordinary tree and how the tree itself is combating climate change. Visit animals, such as koalas and flying foxes, in the wild as well as the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment where they are conducting experiments to gain a better understanding of the eucalyptus ecosystem to help animals to survive this challenging world. This wildlife documentary directed, produced, written and shot by Zoe Cousins, takes a unique glimpse into the phenomenal eucalyptus environment.



Owls on the Line | 8 minutes

Producer / Director: Cesar Puechmarin,Blue Shrooms Studios                                            Country: Australia | World Premiere

When a proposed Zipline threatens the existence of a vulnerable species of owl, the only thing standing in the way of their complete destruction is the community they belong to.

Standing 65cm tall, the Powerful Owl (Ninox strenua) truly lives up to its name. But for this magnificent and increasingly rare bird, holding the title for largest Australian owl species isn’t enough to protect them from complete annihilation. The Powerful Owl is considered vulnerable to extinction, and yet the imminent construction of a joyride over their home threatens to push them out of some of their last remaining habitat.

Brisbane City lies in the shadow of Mount Coot-tha, a large green space that provides crucial habitat for the city’s remaining wildlife. The Mount Coot-tha Powerful Owls are adored by the locals and have become a totemic emblem of the mountain. So it is our duty to protect what could be the last remaining breeding pair in the region.


$15 in advance | $20 at the door

Films and speakers subject to change prior to and during festival