Tuesday, October 22

Series 17 | 12:00-2:00 pm

Our Oceans: A Journey of Discovery

Children's Pool

We Are Abel

Our Ocean's: A Journey of Discovery | 90 minutes

Producer, Sherene Kingma
Director, Charlie Luckock
Country: South Africa | World Premiere

Our  oceans are in a state of crisis and we are the ones responsible for it. A team of scientists, divers and photographers set out on a journey of discovery along one of the longest and richest coastlines in the world. Along the way they unveil three incredible natural events to the world, whilst highlighting the impending threats and all the while promoting the protection of our oceans.


Children's Pool | 10 minutes

Director: Toby Gad
Country: USA | World Premiere

Short documentary is about the "The Children's Pool" which is a small sandy beach area located in La Jolla, California. The Children's Pool earned its name after the construction of a concrete breakwater in 1931. Today the small beach is a resting are for grey seals and sea lions, many of whom give birth and nurse their young on this spot. Unfortunately they are harassed by humans who believe the beach should be for only themselves and not wildlife.

We Are Abel | 10 minutes

Producer: Neil Osborne
Country: Canada | World Premiere

When President Trump signed a shocking bill to allow oil development in Alaska’s unspoiled Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the Gwich’in Nation in Alaska and Canada mobilized.

For the Gwich’in, the Arctic Refuge is a culturally and spiritually important land that provides a key source of sustenance through the Porcupine caribou herd. Every year, the herd has migrated from the inner lands of Alaska and Canada to the coastal plain of the Arctic Refuge to calve its young. Here the young caribou are less vulnerable to predators, but Trump's plan would put roads, air pads and oil infrastructure right in the middle of this safe haven.





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Series 18 | 3:00-5:00 pm

Beyond Climate

The Boy From the Wild

The Value of Biodiversity

Beyond Climate | 50 minutes

Producer: Ian Mauro
Narrator: David Suzuki
Country: Canada | World Premiere

Narrated by David Suzuki, Beyond Climate explores the human and environmental impacts of climate change in British Columbia, and is a timely contribution to the province and country as we grapple with climate change, the paramount issue of our time.


The Value of Biodiversity, Peru | 30 minutes

Axel Gomille, Director
ZDF Television
Country: Peru | North America Premiere

“The Value of Biodiversity – Peru” investigates Manu National Park in south-eastern Peru, which is home to the greatest variety of animal and plant species known to science. This is particularly noticeable where birds are concerned. 1030 different types inhabit Manú, about ten per cent of all the world’s bird species. 228 different mammals have been identified here: roughly four per cent of all mammal species world-wide. The park is also home to countless species of invertebrates. The area is so remote, it is even home to uncontacted indigenous people. Now these magnificent forests are under threat by logging and by drug cartels growing cocaine. Illegal gold mining contaminates the river system with mercury, poisoning people and wildlife.

The disappearance of endangered species like the giant otter might not affect us in Europe. But they are signs that ecosystems are no longer functioning: systems which work as a global network and on which we depend for the air we breathe, for healthy food, for clean water. Conservation is no luxury. The basis of our very existence is at stake.

The Boy from the Wild | 40 minutes

Producer & Director: Peter Meyer
Country: South Africa
World Premiere

Based on the International Bestseller on Amazon, "The Boy from the Wild", this Documentary is brought to you by the Author Peter Meyer. Growing up on a Game Reserve in South Africa that was created by his father, who had a dream to set up a Safari where Wildlife could get out of Captivity and back into the Wild, this documentary shares how it began and how Peter Meyer survived some incredible moments living in the Wild. It's moving, cinematically stunning and tells of a truly heartfelt story that has been silent for over 35 years.



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Series 19 | 6:00-8:00 pm

Realm of Robber

Cairgorm Reflections

Uncle Elephant

*Panel discussion with multi Emmy Award winning Producer, David Hamlin
and Katie Frohardt, Executive Director of Wild Earth Allies

Realm of the Robber | 50 minutes

NDR and Terra Mater
Director: Moritz Katz
Country: Germany | World Premiere

Realm of the Robber explores the untold story of Christmas Island’s iconic robber crabs. Whether it’s a gang battling over a coconut, or a solo rouge raiding a temple, these tyrants treat the island as their own personal playground.


Uncle Elephant | 5 minutes

Producer: Wild Earth Allies
Director: Jon Bougher
Country: Cambodia | World Premiere

When he was young, Tuy Sereivathana (Vathana) dreamed of working in the forest. Today his dream is realized in Cambodia’s Prey Lang Forest where Vathana conserves Asian elephants in collaboration with government partners and the indigenous Kuy community.

Cairngorm Reflections | 33 minutes

White Tip Productions
Mat Larkin, Director
Country: United Kingdom | World Premiere

The Highlands of Scotland are world famous for their dramatic scenery and iconic wildlife species. but the truth is that Scotland is one of the most ecologically depleted nations on the planet. Wildlife filmmaker Mat Larkin spent a year documenting the nature around his home in Scotland's Cairngorms National Park, a region facing challenges in conservation, land management and a growing human population.




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Series 20 | 8:30-10:30 pm

Birth of a Pride

Stolen Apes

The Hunt for Medals, Not Lions

Africa, amore mio

*Q&A with Bradley Schiefelbein, Editor of Stolen Apes

Birth of a Pride | 45 minutes

Producers: Dereck & Beverly Joubert
Country: Botswana
World Premiere

In Selinda, Botswana, lions had been hunted to near extinction but, thanks to conservation, the number of lions has grown from two to over sixty. Witness an incredible and heartwarming story of survival through the eyes of the lions that beat the odds. Follow six cubs as they navigate the world and learn to hunt, socialist and survive in the now flourishing wilderness.


Africa, amore mio | 40 minutes

Producer/Director: Annalisa Losacco
Country: Zambia | World Premiere

This documentary was filmed in Namibia and Zambia along the beautiful rivers the Zambezi and the Chobe. Annalisa and Eugenio Manghi witnessed how animal behaved in different seasons an on poaching pressure. They witnessed how some people and animals can live together with minimizing conflicts.


Stolen Apes | 18 minutes

Producer & Director: Colin Sytsma
Wood Grain Media
Country: USA |World Premiere

After a sting operation in Bangkok for two trafficked Orangutans leave those accountable with no consequence, Daniel stiles, a detective in the illegal wildlife trade, thinks of new ways to combat illegal great ape trafficking.


The Hunt for Medals, not Lions 
10 minutes

Blackbean Productions
Director: Diana Nkambule
Country: Kenya | World Premiere

Black Bean Productions team was able to document the Maasai Olympics. In the past, in Maasai culture, in order to become a Warrior young men had to kill a lion to prove their bravery. In response to the decrease in lion populations in the Amboseli-tsavo ecosystem, 8 Maasai elders approached the Big Life team to find a way to eliminate lion hunting from the Maasai culture, while still honoring Maasai traditions, and so the Maasai Olympics was created. This incredible initiative is so much more than just a sporting event and has found a way to ensure the long term survival of lions in this area by working together with local communities.



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Films and speakers subject to change prior to and during festival