Saturday, October 20

Series 6 | 12:00-2:00 pm

The Tatra mountains-Wild at Heart

White Wolves-Ghosts of the Arctic

Darkhad Valley

Panel discussion TBA

The Tatra Mountains -Wild at Heart | 50 minutes

Producer/Director: Eric Balaz
Country: Poland | World Premiere

Between Poland and Slovakia lies a wilderness virtually unique in Europe: the Tatra Mountains. One of the oldest forests in Europe grows on their slopes. It’s home to some formidable predators, long extinct elsewhere: bears, wolves and lynx. Untouched primeval woods full of game and nutritious plants offer an ideal habitat, especially for brown bears. Nowhere else in central Europe do so many of them live so close together as here. But what is it that makes this environment so attractive to them? WATCH TRAILER >

Darkhad Valley | 25 minutes

Producer: Jeff Colhoun
Country: Mongolia | World Premiere

Occupying over 6,000 square miles, the Darkhad Valley is one of the most pristine, inaccessible regions of Mongolia. Turmursukh and his team of rangers devote their lives to patrolling this remote wilderness to protect the native endangered species from extinction at the hands of poachers. WATCH TRAILER >

White Wolves-Ghosts of the Arctic | 55 minutes

Director: Oliver Goetzl
Gulo Film Productions
Country: Germany |
North America Premiere

Hidden in the interior of the Pacific Northwest is the largest remaining inland temperate rainforest on earth. This magnificent landscape is home to numerous First Nations communities, thousand year old trees and critical habitat for endangered species like mountain caribou. However, industrial development has pushed this ecosystem to the tipping point. The forthcoming documentary “Last Stand” puts the Caribou Rainforest on the map before it’s too late. WATCH TRAILER >


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Series 7 | 3:00-5:00 pm

The Macaw Kingdom

Fighting for the Wild

Conserving Ibera'

The Bramber Weir: Coastal Community Collaborations

Panel discussion with Andreea & Justin Lotak
and Dr. George Olah

Conserving Iberá | 10 minutes

Producers: Andreea & Justin Lotak
Country: Argentina | World Premiere

Conserving Iberá is a film about the conservation work that has taken place over the last few decades to restore the incredibly biodiverse wetlands of northern Argentina.


Fighting for the Wild | 12 minutes

Producer: Desislava Kadra
Country: Peru | World Premiere

Wildlife trafficking is the fourth biggest illegal industry in the world, generating over 25 billion dollars annually. In the heart of the action is Peru. Andean wildlife and their body parts are openly sold on the Peruvian tourist markets as souvenirs and clothing. The Amazonian counterparts are trafficked internationally to be used as exotic pets for western households. Many of these species are in danger of extinction. Despite police intervention, many wildlife criminals are one step ahead in transporting the most lucrative wildlife on the planet. The highest price paid is by the animals themselves, but the fight is not over. In the outskirts of Cuzco, a Peruvian family has created a sanctuary for rescued animals and to educate the public to end the cycle of wildlife crime.

The Macaw Kingdom | 52 minutes

Producer: Dr. George Olah
Country: Hungary | World Premiere

In the Peruvian Amazon, biologists, veterinarians, and geneticists work tirelessly to study the enigmatic macaws in their natural habitat. This scientific documentary presents a sustainable and internationally applicable model for biodiversity conservation, incorporating scientific research and eco-tourism with strong involvement of the local communities. WATCH TRAILER >

The Bramber Weir: Coastal Community Collaborations  | 10 minutes

Producer: Nikki Beauchamp
Country: Canada |World Premiere

The Bramber Weir: Coastal Community Collaborations is the story of Darren Porter’s fishing weir, which sits on the idyllic Minas Basin, a pristine slice of Nova Scotia’s Bay of Fundy that lends itself to First Nations legend, iconic amethyst shores and a sought-after hikers paradise. Industrial developments threaten the marine ecology of Minas Basin, trends Darren has observed for years as a commercial fisher and which impact his livelihood at the weir and that of the community. This short film documents Darren’s mission to incorporate his own knowledge of the Minas Basin, including traditional (First Nations) knowledge, with that of academic-led western science as well as the success of such community-level collaboration to address resource management issues by those who understand it best﹘the people that live there.


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Series 8 | 6:00-8:00 pm

Swimming with Sharks

Seeking Sanctuary

The Pacific Leatherback

It's Hard to be a Tern

Panel discussion with Elaine Tack, Andrew Wegst & Devin Timnik of WildAid

Swimming with Sharks | 50 minutes

Producer & Director: Andrew Wegst
Country: Bahamas | World Premiere

Swimming with Sharks follows the journey of actor Li Guangjie as he travels to Mexico and the Bahamas to learn about the dangers faced by the worlds many shark species. He visits Cancun and swims with whale sharks and learns about a once over fished community and animal making a comeback through responsible tourism and conservation. In the Bahamas he goes face to face with reef and tiger sharks and dispels the myth of shark attacks. Along the way, we learn important shark science and go behind the scenes as WildAid films a first ever underwater PSA featuring a wedding underwater with sharks. The film follows the shark fin trade and shows why sharks are vital to the worlds oceans. WATCH TRAILER >

 It's Hard to Be a Tern | 7 minutes

Producer: Elaine Tack
Country: USA | World Premiere

It took 30 years to restore the Tern Population to the  St. Lawrence River.  Even though the numbers have more than doubled  thanks to the Tern Restoration project the  Common Tern still remains on the New York State  list of endangered species. Human habitat, windmills, and chemicals have all threatened the terns. In 2019 funding for the program to save the birds is threatened and could end.  This is the story of the Terns flight for survival.

Seeking Sanctuary | 10 minutes

Producers: Louise Heren and Simon Blakeney
Country: France | World Premiere

In a world where human activity poses an ever-increasing threat, St. Joseph’s Atoll is one of the few places left for sharks to take refuge. After three years of tracking and studying the local sharks, marine biologist, Ornella Weideli, sheds light on how two different species have come to thrive in this constantly changing habitat. Join the Save Our Seas research team and discover a rare ecosystem bursting with life. Then see how every inhabitant is at the mercy of the lagoon. When the tide changes, is this sanctuary really safe?

The Pacific Leatherback Sea Turtle | 10 minutes

Producer: John Dutton
Country: USA | World Premiere

After NOAA research scientists attach a satellite transmitter on a critically endangered Pacific leatherback sea turtle feeding on the giant jellyfish in the nutrient-rich waters of Monterey Bay, California, they uncover an unprecedented epic 7,000-mile migration across the Pacific to the leatherback's remote nesting beaches in Indonesia. This discovery has led to one of the greatest conservation challenges in the Western Pacific today–the protection of the last remaining nesting beach, promotion of sustainable fishing practices, and the reduction of plastics in the ocean.

This awe-inspiring and unique short nature film spotlights some of the international scientific research and conservation efforts currently underway, and exposes the seldom seen beauty and natural history of the leatherback sea turtle. Viewers also learn some simple tips about how they can help this magnificent ancient creature survive in its modern world. WATCH TRAILER >


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Series 9 | 8:30-10:30 pm

Africa's Vanishing Giants

The Southern Right Whale

The Ancient People of Namibia

Panel discussion with Andrew Wegst & Devin Timnik of WildAid

* Off site Reception to follow

Africa's Vanishing Giants | 50 minutes

Producers: Andrew Wegst | WildAid
Country: Kenya |World Premiere

Africa's Vanishing Giants follows the journey of actress and photographer Jiang Yiyan as she travels to Kenya to learn about the plight faced by the rapidly decreasing rhino population. She visits the Ol Jogi and Ol Pejeta conservancies and gets up close with several rhinos and sees how these gentle giants are hanging on by a thread. She visits the worlds last northern white male rhino, now deceased, and sees how extinction is forever. She exposes the illegal trade in rhino horn and encourages viewers to take action by not buying rhino products. The film shows how complicated it is the manage these large animals and takes us behind the scenes of modern conservation with visits to a local ranch and
community. We also visit an anti-poching squad to see why rhinos need 24/7 security. WATCH TRAILER >

The Ancient People of Namibia | 25 minutes

Producers: Akin Esgin
and Burak Dogansoysal
Country: Namibia
World Premiere

The south west coast of Africa is a geography defined by deserts, and resources are scarce. Water is very limited or simply unavailable. However, there are people that have managed to survive such formidable and unforgiving conditions for at least 30 thousand years. The Bushmen who have inhabited these lands forever are one of the few remaining hunter gatherer communities on the planet today. In the short film, we walk for days on endless plains with the Bushmen, hunt and gather by traditional methods, take a peek at the colorful life of the Himba people and witness how the Topnaar have survived in the harsh desert conditions with the help of one peculiar fruit. This is the story of the ancient people of Namibia whose ancestors seem to have left a trace on every grain of desert sand around them. WATCH TRAILER >

The Southern Right Whale | 20 minutes

Producer: Kevin Zaouali
Country: Argentina
World Premiere

A hymn to nature, a cinematographic poem. A complete sensory immersion in the heart of the Patagonian sea following the life of southern right whales. Concentrating on the emotions and details of nature to understand and sensitize. WATCH TRAILER >


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Films and speakers subject to change prior to and during festival