Sunday, October 22

Series 9 | 12:00-2:00 pm


Siwa and Ora: Growing Up with Dragons

Australia’s Gardens of Stone

Panel discussion, Q&A with Joel Robinson and a live Skype chat with Kate McIntyre Clere and Mick McIntyre

Kangaroo | 94 minutes

Producers: Second Nature Films | Kate McIntyre Clere and Mick McIntyre
Country: Australia | World Premiere

This groundbreaking film reveals the truth surrounding Australia’s love-hate relationship with its beloved icon. The kangaroo image is proudly used by top companies, sports teams and as tourist souvenirs, yet when they hop across the vast continent some consider them to be pests to be shot and sold for profit.


Siwa and Ora: growing up with dragons | 18 minutes

Producers: Tessa Moult-Milewska and Adrian Crapciu, producer
Country: Indonesia | North America Premiere

This is a story about growing up on the island of Komodo, Indonesia and living with the world's largest terrestrial reptile, the Komodo Dragon. WATCH TRAILER >

Australia’s Gardens of Stone | 4 minutes

Producer: Joel Robinson
Country: Australia | North America Premiere

Discover the Gardens of Stone west of Blue Mountains National Park, a place of extraordinary natural beauty, wildlife and ancient Aboriginal art. An iconic Australian landscape, now is the time to protect it for future generations.


$18 in advance | $30 at the door

Series 10 | 2:30-4:30 pm

Shuklaphanta, the other wild Nepal

The Race to Save the Amur Falcon

Loggerhead Sea Turtles

Alligators: More than Meets the Eye

Femme Fatale: Saving Ash Trees from an Invasive Killer

Panel discussion, Q&A with Cynthia Neal, Jennifer Wilson Woody, Donna Windham from the Kiawah Conservancy along with Aaron Lemle and Max Mueller.

Shuklaphanta, the other wild Nepal | 50 minutes

Producer: Fabien Lemaire
Country: Nepal | World Premiere

The film features the rare and endangered wildlife on Nepal and how the people in this country live in balance with nature, cherish and protect wildlife. WATCH TRAILER >

The Race to Save the Amur Falcon | 20 minutes

Producer & Director: Shekar Dattatri
Country: India | World Premiere

"In a world where conservation problems usually go from bad to worse, the campaign to save the Amur falcon serves as a beacon of hope. I was so inspired by this story that I wanted to share it with the rest of the world”, says the filmmaker, Shekar Dattatri.

Loggerhead Sea Turtles | 15 minutes

Producers: Kiawah Conservancy | Cynthia Neal and Donna Windham
Country: USA | World Premiere

Learn about Kiawah's thriving Turtle Patrol and their efforts to preserve this amazing species. See the hatchlings emerge from the nest and make their way to the ocean.

Alligators: More than Meets the Eye | 15 minutes

Producers: Cynthia Neal and Donna Windham | Kiawah Conservancy
Country: USA | World Premiere

In March 2015, a scientist and his team began a multi-year study of the alligators on Kiawah Island to assess the health of Kiawah's alligator population and compare that with alligator populations at other locations on the southeastern coast. This is their story.

Femme Fatale: Saving Ash Trees from an Invasive Killer 5 minutes 

Producer: Aaron Lemle & Max Mueller
Country: USA | World Premiere

Two Penn State scientists collaborate to save the North America Ash Tree population by entrapping the invasive Emerald Ash Borer with a high tech electrified decoy.



$18 in advance | $30 at the door

Series 11 | 5:00-7:00 pm

Durrell’s Underhogs

Red Skye on the Black Isle

Natural Born Chaos

Life and Light in the Middle of the Ocean

Panel discussion, Q & A with Daniel Craven and Fergus Beeley

Durrell’s Underhogs | 45 minutes

Producer: Daniel Craven | Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust
Country: Bailiwick of Jersey Channel Islands | World Premiere

Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust loves animals. Not just the headline grabbing super megafauna but the little guys too, the species overlooked, too small to be seen and heard - the underdog species.

Natural Born Chaos | 12 minutes

Producer: Anneliese Possberg
Country: Germany |North America Premiere

The wild Bavarian Forest is home to amazing wildlife and natural jewels that you would not expect in the middle of Europe. Wild animals can live amidst the German civilization thanks to a tiny insect with a big potential and a ranger helped by the local school children. WATCH TRAILER >

Red Skye on the Black Isle | 12 minutes

Producer: Lisa Marley
Country: Scotland | North America Premiere

This documentary looks at the gravest wildlife crime in the United Kingdom's history to date. In 2015, birds of prey were killed in one small area of the Black Isle in Scotland. One year later, this short film gives a local perspective about what happened, how the incident was handled and the future for the Red Kite species in Scotland. WATCH TRAILER >

Life and Light in the Middle of the Ocean | 12 minutes

Producers: Paul Reddish, Maria Cristina Ramasco | University of Salford
Country: United Kingdom | New York Premiere

Short documentary about how sunlight, during different stages of the day, affects morphological and behavioural characteristics of the Hawaiian coral reef community.


$18 in advance | $30 at the door

Series 12 | 8:00-10:00 pm

Time for Grizzly

Gray Area: Wolves of the Southwest

Nanuq – Living with the Polar Bear

Animal Empire

Wanted Grizzly Bears

Panel discussion, Q&A with Angela Daun, Chris Morgan
and Alan Lacy

Time for the Grizzly? | 14 minutes

Producers: Chris Morgan & Brenda Phillips
Country: USA | World Premiere

How do you catch a grizzly bear, and why!? There are fewer than 10 grizzly bears left in the North Cascades in Washington State. Ecologist and bear expert Chris Morgan (PBS, BBC, National Geographic) hosts this entertaining and moving 13 minute film that shows us first hand how bear populations can be saved by translocating them from one area to another.

Gray Area: Wolves of the Southwest | 50 minutes

Producer: Alan Lacy | Narrator: Chris Morgan
Country: USA | World Premiere

In the American Southwest, the little known Mexican gray wolf has slowly pulled back from the very edge of extinction. From a founding population of just seven animals, their wild numbers have barely reached 100 - and now they are faced with a new threat from within: their own genetics. As part of a bold recovery mission, one lone wolf is given a chance to offer new hope for the survival f the species, while an age old conflict surrounds their recovery. WATCH TRAILER >

Nanuq – Living with the Polar Bear | 6 minutes

Producer: Anneliese Possberg
Country: Germany | New York Premiere

This short film tells the story of a small Inupiat village on the north coast of Alaska. Here, where life is hard enough, the native people have to face not only the effects of a changing ecosystem but also the two largest land-based predators who move in to fight for territory and survival: polar bears and brown bears.

Animal Empire | 18 minutes

Producer: Angela Daun
USA Premiere

Animal Empire covers global animal issues ranging from black bear hunts in Florida to hunting wolves to endangerment to secret plans to hunt endangered Florida panthers, the dog /cat meat trade, wildlife black market, rapidly decreasing species such as the pygmy elephants and orangutans from the palm oil industry. Animal Empire gets the truth and documents it to raise awareness and educate in an attempt to stop suffering and extinction of animal life in a time when this is of utmost importance.

Wanted Grizzly Bears | 8 minutes

Producers: Chris Morgan & Brenda Phillips
Country: USA | World Premiere

Curious about grizzly bears? This film about the elusive North Cascades grizzly bear narrated by ecologist and film maker Chris Morgan and including appearances by many Washington State residents helps bust some myths.


$18 in advance | $30 at the door