“We commend the WCFF for your courage to remain the one authentic platform where film makers and organizations dedicated to the conservation of the planet’s natural history and bio-diversity can still showcase their work and create awareness of conservation issues without having to apologize for having a ‘message’. Thank you to the WCFF for encouraging us to continue exploring the grand mysteries of nature, and for inspiring people to love and protect the majesty and diversity, which we all rely on for our own survival.”
Tarina & Jurgen Jozefowicz
Tarina Films

“It was an incredible moment for me to be among some of the finest filmmakers and 'nature loving' individuals! Christopher and his team at WCFF have mastered the art of putting together an array of documentaries that provide a strong and melodious voice to the denizens of our ecosystem. The many Q&A sessions, meaningful and thoughtful conversation that one gets to experience during the film festival adds to the vibrant atmosphere. Personally, winning an award for one of my first productions, ‘Wrestlers of Western ghats’ was very satisfying. WCFF is a rare gem, crown jewel among the many film festivals in the world!”
Srikanth Kashyaps
Wildlife Documentary Film Producer & Photographer
Bangalore, India


“We think what the WCFF is doing is remarkable- there are few venues globally, where wildlife filmmakers of every stripe can go to have their films viewed by the public: bringing important issues about conservation, human-animal-conflict and other pressing environmental issues affecting the world’s wildlife.  We felt your program was extremely well organized and provided the public with a great mix of subject matter in the wildlife genre. We also very much enjoyed the extracurricular activities you organized: such as the Primates Lecture/Public Event at the Hayden Planetarium/American Museum of Natural History as well as the Snow Leopard (Eco-System) Conservation event at the United Nations.  This provided the filmmakers rare access to amazing  locations, events and people…as well as great networking opportunities. Thanks for all your hard work Christopher!”
Peter and Sheera Von Puttkamer
Gryphon Productions
Vancouver, British Colombia


“The 2016 WCFF–a multi-day film festival in New York dedicated to engaging, informing, and inspiring filmgoers with high production value conservation films, this year from 34 different countries! So rarely does a person encounter such a conservation film feast at one large event. The films were amazing. Most films had very hopeful messages of efforts being made to reverse the trend toward loss of biodiversity in so many parts of the world. Rarely were we besieged by horrifying scenes of animal and plant demise. Instead, we learned about species in trouble or facing extinction by coming to better know the animals and their habitats, coming to love them and feel great concern over their wellbeing, while getting a sense of what people and organizations all over the world are doing to help save species and habitat. I loved it. And hope to see more great Wildlife Conservation Film Festivals to come! This wonderful effort deserves all the support we can give it. Count me in!” This film fest effort is truly deserving of support. And I hope to see it happen on a smaller scale soon in LA!"
Mary Lynn, Price, Esq.
Film Producer & NOAA Researcher
San Diego, CA


“The Wildlife Conservation Film Festival brings to New York City and to a wider audience outstanding films highlighting the biodiversity of our planet, the dangers of poaching, shrinking habitats, and degraded environments faced by many species. The WCFF is a great way to mix documentary film and wildlife conservation, to bring people together to help save our natural heritage.”
Bram Gunther
New York City Department of Parks & Recreation
Director, Urban Field Station
Forestry, Horticulture, and Natural Resources
Co-Founder Natural Areas Conservancy


“We were very much impressed how quickly Christopher put together a World Premiere screening for our new film Escape to Papua New Guinea. With only three weeks lead time, Christopher arranged radio, television interviews for our trip to New York, and gave us a venue at an internationally recognized venue, New York University. He was a gentleman and delivered everything he promised and more. Christopher took time from his busy schedule to arrange a tour at the American Museum of Natural History and personally accompanied us. He provided us with the personal experiences from his own paleontologist research. With his experiences both in paleontologist and biologist sphere and passion in conservation field he is doing incredible work.”
Libor Spacek and Petra Dolezalova
Escape to Nature Series Producers
Prague, Czech Republic


“I am delighted to be a part of the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival and particularly want to thank and compliment Christopher for his dedication and vision. The WCFF is a powerhouse and there is no other event like this in a major metropolitan area in the United States.”
Dr. Birute’ Mary Galdikas
Founder of Orangutan Foundation International
Los Angeles, CA


“I think the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival is absolutely unique and hugely important as the power of visual message told on film is fantastic. We know how touched and moved we are and how we can learn from films. Those of us that cannot travel aboard and go to these places are indeed brought there by the fantastic films screened at the WCFF. I absolutely, passionately believe the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival must expand and go to other cities in America, Europe and around the world.”
Virginia McKenna
Actress and Founder of Born Free Foundation
London, United Kingdom


“My thanks to the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival and my sincere congratulations on putting together a world class event to help preserve biodiversity. It is an honor to be part of the 2014 WCFF.”
HRH Prince Khaled bin Sultan
Founder of Living Oceans Foundation
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

“Thank you to Christopher and the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival for helping to save the oceans and the planet. You are making a difference to save humankind and life on earth. No oceans no us. Thank you from the deep of my blue heart.”
Dr. Sylvia Earle
Founder of Mission Blue
and National Geographic Explorer in Residence
Oakland, CA


“Christopher J. Gervais/WCFF has set about to carve a niche in wildlife documentaries in a highly competitive space: wildlife film making. Top notch films, venues, and presentations geared toward wildlife conservation faced the challenge of public awareness. The best programs are not necessarily the best-known programs, and the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival should be better known. The WCFF selected films that were truthful, interesting, and important. Filmmakers ranged from relative unknowns living half a world away to film legends living down the street. Biodiversity presenters offered uncommon insights about why topics mattered: expected topics, such as protecting elephants, and unexpected topics, such as snow leopard habitat as a measure for climate change impacting the water source of the most densely populated regions in the world. Christopher has the talent to pick the topics. Hopefully wildlife film watchers will catch on.”
Robert L. Cantrell
All Fins On, Producer
Arlington, VA


“I particularly think back on my time at the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival due to the sense of community. A major aspect of this is the bredth of talented filmmakers I met and got to spend time with. The love not only for the wildlife of the world, but also for the art of filmmaking was evident and a pleasure to be around. Therefore: thumbs-up and I encourage people to both attend and support this film festival and conference.”
Dr. Reina-Marie Loader
Cinema Humain &
University of Pretoria
South Africa

This is the first time we have participated in the WCFF. We are really pleased with the treatment we received with Christopher who has been our faithful contact from the beginning and has kept us abreast of the latest news. Sometimes is not possible to imagine that from the other side of the Atlantic, you will receive so much attention without knowing personally the components of this prestigious Festival. We are truly amazed and sure that having attended the festival would have been even more sensational. From the Mediterranean Sea we want to congratulate the organization and look forward to meeting you next time.
Toni Escandell
Paleârtica Films


“Wildlife conservation is too important to be tucked away in niche gatherings. The Wildlife Conservation Film Festival in New York brings the best documentaries to the public and what better place than on Broadway. The WCFF provides a platform for informed discussion among scientists, film-makers and a lively audience. An event not to be missed by both wildlife filmmakers and the public!”
Ambassador Ian Redmond
United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)
Gloucester, United Kingdom


“The Wildlife Conservation Film Festival (WCFF) is the perfect forum to create awareness about the need to protect our planet’s wildlife. It is one of the few nature and wildlife film festivals where the term “conservation” is ever-so-prevalent, not only in its mission but most importantly in the films that enter the festival each year. It is absolutely vital to ensure that natural history and wildlife filmmakers include messages about conservation in their storytelling, and I am delighted that the WCFF stimulates and promotes conservation films.”
John C. Martin
Director of Film Projects Conservation International
Arlington, VA


“As a documentarian, writer and filmmaker who cares deeply who cares deeply about wildlife and the earth I can verify the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival (WCFF) is an invaluable, urgent film festival and educational tool is this fragile time. It is only with venues such as the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival that the larger world can fully realize the scope of the emergency the life force on earth is facing.”
Cyril Cristo & Marie Wilkinson
Documentary Filmmakers & Authors
Santa Fe, NM


“Going to the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival is a remarkable experience. The atmosphere is vibrant, the films are addictive, and you will find yourself talking to people with the most extraordinary backgrounds from all over the world. You just cannot get this experience by simply watching a film on the net, in a theater or television. So don’t be shy, get out there and get among the WCFF crowd.”
Danielle Ryan
Documentary Filmmaker and Journalist
Brisbane, Australia


“The Wildlife Film Festival launched my career into the wildlife film industry. As an amateur filmographer, this festival granted me the opportunity to meet and network with the top professionals within the industry. Working with Christopher Gervais was a genuine pleasure. He is dedicated to wildlife film and promoting conservation practices. The WCFF is your best chance to develop your wildlife film career.”
Anne Randolph Goddard
National Wildlife Federation
Washington, D.C.


“The Wildlife Conservation Film Festival (WCFF) is a fantastic forum for wildlife films and filmmakers. It is a great gathering place for people from across the globe who are passionate about wildlife, conservation and telling the stories about wild places through exceptional documentary film. Christopher J. Gervais has produced a great event for the wildlife film industry.”
David Hamlin
Emmy Award Filmmaker
Alucia Productions, Managing Director
Hamlin Productions, Owner
Series Producer, National Geographic Television
New York, NY


“Wild nature is alive in New York City! The Wildlife Conservation Film Festival puts a bright spotlight on the all too often neglected natural environment and all the incredible things that live there. Filmmakers dedicated to documenting the struggle of wild nature from every corner of the Earth come together in New York City to show the human population through film what is happening with the planets species, to give them a voice, to make them be heard and respected, and to hopefully allow them, once again, to thrive. Support for the WCFF is support for Mother Earth, it is the acknowledgment that without nature, without diversity of species, without respect and awareness from humans, nature dies, and we die with it. The Wildlife Conservation Film Festival and Christopher J. Gervais gives nature a voice that humans can understand, and uses this voice to shout what is happening to the planet, in the middle of New York City.”
Matt Bracken
Wildlife Filmmaker
Hoedspruit, South Africa


“It was a very humbling experience to participate in the 2013 Wildlife Conservation Film Festival in New York. I really enjoyed listening to the inspiring panels and being amongst such passion and talent, true ambassadors to wildlife and the environment. I am also grateful to have had the opportunity to screen my documentary, The Bonobo Connection and get to connected with an engaging audience on the bonobo cause. This is a film festival not to be missed for both filmmakers and the public audience.”
Irene A. Magafan
Emmy Award Winning Natural History Documentary Filmmaker
Washington, D.C.


“The WCFF is a first-rate film festival and I am proud to say we have a wildlife event of this caliber in New York City. The WCFF brings together top names in wildlife media creation and animal conservation to inform, educate and most importantly start dialogues concerning many important issues that affect us globally. The festival events are always well-organized and coordinated, and give filmmakers an excellent platform for networking in an intimate setting with an international group of colleagues.”
Daniel Azarian
Director/Producer, Underdog Entertainment
New York, NY


“I screened my documentary short film, “Boots on the Ground” at the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival. The experience was amazing from opening night till the end. I was fortunate enough to rub shoulders with very talented, wonderful people, some of whom are the leaders in the wildlife film industry. To be invited to such an event made all the hard work and sacrifices worth it. I hope to be invited back in future years. To crown the experience in New York was the announcement that our film received the best Amateur Documentary Award. A big thanks goes to Christopher Gervais, the WCFF Founder and all that had a hand in the planning & execution to make the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival bring these documentary films to the public”
Rohan Nel
Wildlife Filmmaker
Johannesburg, South Africa


“The WCFF is an important event that plays an enormous role to bring people in touch and bond with mother nature. The road to saving ourselves and nature is helped through the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival mission and all that its does to save biodiversity.”
Nan Hauser
President & Director for the Center of Cetacean Research
and ConservationDirector of the Cook Islands Whale & Wildlife Centre
Rarotonga, Cook Islands


“It was a great Pleasure to attend the WCFF for the first time this year. I was honored to have our documentary selected for the festival. The Festival was great and I got to meet lots of interesting people involved in conservation. Giving a speech about Jaguar conservation at NYU and the Award Reception where highlights of the trip. Many thanks Christopher Gervais for organizing this great event to educate the need for global biodiversity.”
Mario Haberfeld
Projeto Onçafari
Jaguar, Closer Than Ever Thought Possible, Producer
San Paulo, Brasil


“The Wildlife Conservation Film Festival was the most wonderful thing a student conservationist film maker could be apart of. All the hard work and long hours of recording animals in their habitats paid off when I was able to hear the reactions of others in the audience and share the message of my film with people from around the world. I am forever grateful to have been accepted into this film festival and to have met many professionals and documentarians in the field. Many thanks goes to Christopher and his team who have organized this event for many years to help wildlife have a voice in the city.”
Brianna Cillessen
Student Film Producer
Colorado Springs, CO