Thursday, October 25

Series 26 | 12:00-2:00 pm

Remarkable Rwanda

A Place in the Garden

Shamwari Untamed: Episode 1

Underwater Wilderness: Sudan

Remarkable Rwanda | 52 minutes

Producers Akin Esgin and
Burak Dogansoysal
Country: Rwanda | World Premiere

Having escaped the terrible ghosts of the past and redressed its wounds, Rwanda has long been a peaceful country. Known specifically for the last remaining mountain gorillas, Rwanda offers a lot more. A paradise in the midst of Africa, with it's volcanoes, lakes, rivers and savanna, which shape both the nature and the social life. From the fishermen of Lake Kivu to amazing Intore Dancers, from Nyungwe Rainforest to Akagera National Park, from hundreds of bird species to chimpanzees, "Remarkable Rwanda" documentary covers all aspects of this beautiful country. WATCH TRAILER >

A Place in the Garden | 17 minutes

Producers: Jeff Buss & Christina Ciano
Country: USA | New York Premiere

"A Place in the Garden" is a film about passionate back yard birders who turn their properties into migratory rest stops for ruby-throated hummingbirds. The film chronicles two couples and a certified hummingbird bander, who work together to
educate the public about the crucial role of pollinators in our Natural World. Through their efforts to attract them, the couples develop a fascination with the behavior and unique movements of the tiny, elusive birds.

Their discoveries inspire them to act as citizen scientists, as they promote the importance of creating desperately-needed food sources and resting stops for migratory birds, currently struggling to survive in a world of dwindling wildlife habitat.

Shamwari Untamed | 26 minutes

Producers: Puren & Janine Joubert
Country: South Africa
World Premiere

"Shamwari Untamed" takes the viewer on an unforgettable journey into the pristine, award-winning 25,000 hectares game reserve and reveals what very few people have the opportunity to witness: A behind the scenes experience of the intricacies and often dangerous daily activities of the Shamwari Wildlife Department as they offer a fresh perspective on modern wildlife management and conservation. Getting face to face with a big elephant bull in their garden, capturing Hippopotamus and Cape Buffalo, relocating Leopard and Lion, caring for orphaned Rhino calves, controlled fires, anti poaching patrols and veterinary work on Africa’s big game are daily normalities for The Shamwari Wildlife Department. All of this forms part of ensuring the conservation of a vanishing way of life and maintaining a healthy ecosystem on Shamwari. WATCH TRAILER >

Underwater Wilderness: Sudan | 50 minutes

Producers: Balazs Lerner
and Zsolt Sásdi
Country: Sudan | World Premiere

Two dedicated divers, cameraman Zsolt Sásdi and nature photographer Dániel Selmeczi, explore one of the richest and least studied marine habitats on Earth: the coral reefs of the Western Red Sea Coast. On their journey, they come across abandoned shipwrecks and sharp-toothed sharks. At the favorite dive sites of the pioneers of diving, Hans Hass and Jacques-Yves Cousteau, they visit the most beautiful reefs of the Red Sea, and experience firsthand the infinite variety of the underwater wilderness.


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Series 27 | 3:00-5:00 pm

Ireland's Deep Atlantic

The End Game

Tainted Love

The Great Pretender

Q&A with producer/director Duane Sharman

Ireland's Deep Atlantic | 60 minutes

Producers: Ken O'Sullivan
Country: Ireland | World Premiere

We know more about the surface of Mars and Saturn than most of the seabed of the North Atlantic and the amazing creatures that live here.

Underwater cameraman Ken O’Sullivan sets out on a series of voyages into the North Atlantic over two years from Ireland’s Atlantic coast to try and find some of the largest animals ever to have on planet Earth, blue and sperm whales and coral reefs, 3,000 metres down in dark, cold Atlantic waters, once regarded as the ‘place of the devil’.

Combining wildlife sequences of animals and behaviour filmed for the first time in any television documentary, with an enlightening, educational central narrative from passionate almost fervent scientists and people who’ve built their lives around the ocean, these two documentaries pay homage to our earliest sea farers and investigate the health of our deep Atlantic waters.

DEEP ATLANTIC embarked on a new way of working whereby the documentary became partner in ground-breaking scientific research, sharing resources and collaborating with research scientists which to date will result in six scientific research publications, an unprecedented number for a TV documentary. The producers collaborated with researchers from seven international academic institutions, a multitude of conservation NGOs and scientists in seven countries around the North Atlantic. WATCH TRAILER >


The End Game | 28 minutes

Producer: Duane Sharman
Country: Canada
East Cost Premiere

Coral bleaching, driven by rising sea temperatures, has grown from isolated, regional events to become a global threat. If we are to have any hope of saving the world's coral reefs for future generations, a new, more robust strategy is needed and quickly. WATCH TRAILER >

The Great Pretender | 12 minutes

Producer: Nardine Groch
Country: Australia
New York Premiere

After the loss of important display feathers, a famous Superb Lyrebird, called the "Pretender" struggles to win a mate during the most intensive and competitive song and dance competition in all of Australia.  WATCH TRAILER >

Tainted Love | 12 minutes

Producer: Eleanor Paish
Country: Indonesia
North America Premiere

"Tainted Love" is a short documentary about the cultural significance of birdkeeping in Indonesia, and the devastating consequences that it has on wild populations. Through candid interviews, the motivations of those involved in the thriving bird trade are revealed. Clearly, there isn’t a nation on earth that loves its native birds more than Indonesia - but there’s a sinister side to this love story: millions of wild birds are trapped every year to be kept as pets, pushing populations to the brink of extinction. Law enforcement is almost non-existent, and with passions allowed to run unchecked, the forests are falling silent. ‘Chirping mania’ sees bird lovers competing songbirds head-to-head to win vast sums of money; with temptations like this, and longstanding traditions to uphold, even the most caring bird owner will risk destroying the very things they love the most. WATCH TRAILER >


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Series 28 | 6:00-8:00 pm

I Am Salmon

Our Wild

The Elephant in the Room

Namanu rruni - Albatross Island

The Mystery of the Gnaraloo Sea Turtles

Panel discussion with Philippa Wilkinson & Matthew Newton

The Elephant in the Room | 20 minutes

Producer: Philippa Wilkinson
Country: Thailand
World Premiere

This short film looks into the how we can move more towards being responsible travelers when it comes to activities and attractions that are associated with wildlife through out the South East Asian region. It looks at the types of activities that travelers and tourist support now and just how much suffering this causes the animals that are caught up in it. As we look more closely at these attractions offered we see just how unnatural it is for those animals involved. We hopefully try to bring about some awareness in this area and help people move towards more natural, normal and free life that these animals deserve.

The Mystery of the Gnaraloo Sea Turtles | 25 minutes

Producer: Dof Dickinson
Country: Australia
World Premiere

This stunning documentary features never-before-seen underwater footage as we track the mysterious journeys of the Gnaraloo Loggerhead turtles. In remote corner of North Western Australia, scientists have attached satellite trackers for the first time on the backs of ten female turtles to plot their secret routes. The results and amazing cinematography will astound you! Dive in and learn about life after the nesting beaches. witness incredible shots and fascinating discoveries. WATCH TRAILER >

Our Wild | 5 minutes

 Producer: Benjamin Kraushaar
Country: USA | New York Premiere

Public lands define us as Americans, but this unique birthright is not free from the perils of toxic politics, insatiable greed and destructive developments. Luckily, a new generation of public land warriors and scientists are diligently fighting to understand and conserve our American heritage. Our Wild is a short film that showcases the hard work of three fly fishing obsessed biologists who are dead set on better understanding mule deer migrations in Wyoming. When this trio of inspiring women are not collecting data across diverse and rugged landscapes, they can be found tenaciously chasing hungry trout and wading the waters of Wyoming's wild public lands.

Namanu rruni - Albatross Island | 15 minutes

Producer: Matthew Newton
Country: Australia
World Premiere

The island was not always here and then it was. They called it namanu rruni, the ones who came, on rare calm days, to hunt | They called it Albatross Island, the ones who came, in all weathers, to take all that they could.

This film is a poetic look at Albatross island, 18 hectares of conglomerate rock off the north western tip of Tasmania, Australia. It is home to 5200 breeding pairs of shy albatross, these birds are endemic to Tasmania. In the 1800’s they were harvested to near extinction, the population gradually recovered to half the estimated historical population size. In recent years the population has started to decline.

A long term monitoring program which has been in progress for over thirty years is currently overseen by marine biologist Dr Rachael Aldermen, she has been visiting the island for a decade. When on the island Rachael and her small team live in a giant cave that partially protects them from the elements. These trips are entirely self-sufficient and focus on minimal impact research. Life on the island is typically cold often wet and always windy.

namanu rruni -Albatross Island takes the viewer to a place almost entirely unseen. It is a journey to a remote and beautiful corner of Tasmania and into the lives of the endemic shy albatross that live on only three islands around Tasmania, and the scientists that are working to ensure the species survival. WATCH TRAILER >

I Am Salmon | 7 minutes

Peter Mieras, Producer & Director
Country: Canada | USA Premiere

"I Am Salmon" is a short movie that showcases the life-cycle of wild Pacific Salmon in Canada's Pacific Northwest region of. Their importance to and relationship with the Tseshaht First Nation is an age-old bond with traditional teachings speaking of the omnipotent interconnection of salmon, humans, animals and even the forest. Since the last ice age, no species has had a more profound impact on the development of the Pacific Northwest. WATCH TRAILER >


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Series 29 | 8:30-10:30 pm

A Gentle Giant

Rivers of Australia

Q&A with Albany Asher and other guests

* Off site Reception to follow

Rivers of Australia | 85 minutes

Producer: Albany Asher
Country: Australia
World Premiere

"Rivers of Australia: A Journey along the Murray" is a unique documentary that follows two southern adventures, James Livingtstone and Albany Asher, along with their faithful canine companions "Onyx" and "Rocco", on an awe-inspiring kayaking journey along Australia's longest river. Narrated by Tony Barry, one of Australia's most iconic actors and environmental/political activists, Rivers of Australia is an epic adventure with strong themes pertaining to nature, wildlife, conservation, indigenous culture, history and science.

A Gentle Giant | 5 minutes

Producer: Mark Pearce
Country: Australia
North America Premiere

Known to grow to the size of a small dog and live to 40 years old, the giant Tasmanian freshwater lobster is the largest of its kind in the entire world, but its home is being rivers of Australia's southern-most island. This is his plea to protect a rare and remarkable creature. destroyed by sediment runoff from logging. However, there is hope – Todd Walsh the lobster man has grown up with this crayfish that gently inches its way around the northern rivers of Australia's southern-most island. This is his plea to protect a rare and remarkable creature.



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Films and speakers subject to change prior to and during festival