Thursday, October 26

Series 25 | 12:00-2:00 pm

Making Waves: Battle for the Great Lakes

Panel discussion, Q&A with Jessica and Brendan Walsh

Making Waves: Battle for the Great Lakes | 110 minutes

Producer: Jessica Walsh | Director: Brendan Walsh | Narrator: Bill Kurtis
Country: USA | World Premiere

For more than a century, non-native species of plants, fish, invertebrates and microscopic organisms have been silently invading the Great Lakes, leaving devastation in their wake. Making Waves traces the path of the invasion and joins researchers on the front lines as they combat invasive species and work to restore native species, in an effort to prevent a biological takeover of the Great Lakes. WATCH TRAILER >


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Series 26 | 2:30-4:30 pm


Tubbataha: A National Treasure 

Ocean Spies 

How To Save a Life

Oceanic Aliens

Q&A with Mike Johnson

Bluefin | 53 minutes

Producers: Paul McNeill and Annette Clarke | National Film Board of Canada |
Directed by John Hopkins
Country: Canada | East Coast Premiere

Bluefin is a tale of epic stakes in "the tuna capital of the world," North Lake Prince Edward Island, Canada. The film explorers the baffling mystery of why the normally wary Bluefin tuna no longer fears humans. This leads people to think the species is thriving when it is actually in great decline. WATCH TRAILER >

Tubbataha: A National Treasure | 5 minutes

Producer: Don Falsario
Country: Philippines | World Premiere

Since it was discovered by divers in the late 1970s, Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park has been considered one of the most extraordinary dive sites in the world, a dream trip for most scuba divers.

Ocean Spies | 25 minutes

Producers: The Water Brothers | SK Films Production
Country: Republic of Palau |World Premiere

One of the greatest crimes against nature plays out daily on the high seas. Outlaw vessels are participating in illegal fishing on an industrial scale. The brothers travel to Palau to see this destruction firsthand, while also learning about the newest spy and surveillance technology to help combat this massive problem.

Oceanic Aliens | 6 minutes

Producer: Mike Johnson
Country: USA | World Premiere

More is known about outer space than our very own oceans. Example the Earth's Moon is more detailed map than the bottom of the Earth's sea floor. This short documentary illustrates just one example of little known marine species and their amazing attributes. WATCH TRAILER >

How to Save a Life | 18 minutes

Producer: Waltteri Laineenkare
Country: Finland | World Premiere

Being a wildlife rehabilitator is not an easy task. Beginning with funding, every aspect of the job is a struggle. These wildlife warriors in the front line of  conservation often give up their personal lives and pursuits to help wildlife in need. It is extremely hard to be a "wildlife rehabilitator" in a state where laws favor hunting and human recreation instead of protecting natural resources. Utah is ranked as the 4th worst U.S. state when it comes to animal protection laws. Wildlife hero Debbie Pappas is trying to change this.


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Series 27 | 5:00-7:00 pm


Souls of the Vermilion Sea

Noor-Queen of Ranthambore

The Invisible Mammal

Panel discussion, Q&A  with Kristin Tieche and Porus Khareghat

JEEDARA | 46 minutes

Producer: Jeff Hanson | Sea Shepherd
Country: Australia | East Coast Premiere

In 2010 BP was responsible for the worlds largest oil spill in the Gulf Of Mexico, a spill that sent nearly 5 million barrels of oil into the ocean and killed millions of animals. In 2016, 'Operation Jeedara' was launched - a campaign to document the beauty of the region in order to showcase what we would all stand to lose if we let BP drill there. This film is the story of the campaign that showcases nature on a grand scale and one of the big environmental wins of 2016. WATCH TRAILER >

Souls of the Vermilion Sea | 28 minutes

Producers: Matthew Podolsky | WildLens Productions
Country: Mexico | World Premiere

In the Northernmost corner of the Gulf of California in Mexico, several small fishing communities are facing a crisis. The black market for the swim bladder of an endangered fish called the Totoaba is putting these communities and the surrounding marine ecosystem at risk.  WATCH TRAILER >

Noor-Queen of Ranthambore | 8 minutes

Director: Porus Khareghat | Producer: Vivek Shah
Country: India | World Premiere

This film revolves around the life of a beautiful tigress names NOOR, who is the dominant Queen of Ranthambore Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan, India. NOOR has three cubs with ravishing appetites and she must hunt constantly to satisfy their hunger. This films captures aspects of tiger motherhood from tender loving to a hunter trying to survive with her family.

The Invisible Mammal  | 10 minutes

Producer: Kristin Tieche | East Coast Premiere

The Invisible Mammal tells the story of the struggle that bats face to survive, specifically in North America, where white nose syndrome is causing sharp decline in populations of certain bat species. WATCH TRAILER >


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Series 28 | 8:00-10:00 pm

The Forgotten Salmon

The Python Code

Soaring Back: Message to the Future

Panel discussion with Galen Brown, Bev Chapman and other guests

The Forgotten Salmon | 35 minutes

Producer: 3004 Studios | Galen Brown
Country: Canada | New York Premiere

Atlantic Salmon once thrived in Lake Ontario, so plentiful that men boasted they fish for salmon with pitchforks. But by 1893 the salmon were gone. In their absence, our cultural memory of our salmon sustained heritage faded and the quality of our watersheds degraded. Efforts to restore this iconic species to the lake are at a turning point now. WATCH TRAILER >

The Python Code | 28 minutes

Producer: Andreas Ewels | ZDF

The Python is a fascinating animal. But the fashion industry is hunting for these beautiful snakes. Its skin is coveted for luxury goods of all kinds. Hundreds of thousands of snakes are killed annually in Asia and shipped to the fashion industry in Europe, America, Japan and China. A German-South African scientist now has an idea to control especially the illegal snake trade. An extremely exciting documentary, filmed under difficult conditions, which also documents the lives of the catchers and shows the illegal trade routes. A closer look at the snake skin industry - as it has never been shown

Soaring Back: Message to the Future | 15 minutes

Producer: Bev Chapman
Country: USA | World Premiere

Fifty years ago the USA discovered a problem, our national symbol, the bald eagle was disappearing. Loss of habitat, hunting and the use of DDT in the lower 48 states had reduced the species to less than 500 nesting pairs. This is the story, a success story of a species taken off the endangered species list and some of the people who continue to monitor bald eagles to ensure their survival. WATCH TRAILER >



$18 in advance | $30 at the door