Wednesday, October 24

Series 22 | 12:00-2:00 pm

Monkey Menace
The Young Sea
Q&A with Javier Douglas, Producer Wild Thing Films

The Young Sea55 minutes

Producer: Mattias A. Klum
Tierra Grande Productions
Country: Sweden
World Premiere

A unique film about the life of the Baltic Sea, where National Geographic photographer Mattias A. Klum along with his team follows the cycle of seasons around one of the most beautiful yet also threatened inland seas of the world today. We should all ask ourselves how a sea surrounded by some of the world’s richest countries has been allowed to become one of the most polluted waters in the world.

Both personal and self-revealing, The Young Sea is a genre-spanning film that offers a poetic description of life in, on and around the Baltic Sea. WATCH TRAILER >

Monkey Menace | 85 minutes

Producer: Javier Douglas
Country: India
World Premiere

MONKEY MENACE explores the unique urban conflict that exists today between Delhi’s Rhesus Macaques and citizens; with all the metaphors that this symbolizes.

The film has keen observational camerawork that gives the viewer a window into a world that’s never been seen before – what it’s like to be a Rhesus Macaque living in one of the most polluted and populous modern cities in the world.
India's first female primatologist Dr Iqbal Malik is the film's chief storyteller. She's been battling against the government for 30 years for the better welfare of monkeys. Her quest uncovers dark dealings that will shock the nation. WATCH TRAILER >



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Series 23 | 3:00-5:00 pm

Madagascar: Life on the Edge

The Last Pangolins in Veitnam

Q&A with film director Therese Engels

Madagascar-Life on the Edge | 40 minutes





Producers: Duncan Parker and Alex Rae
Country: Madagascar | World Premiere

"Madagascar – Life on the Edge" is a fascinating, freely available new film which follows a dedicated team of local and international researchers as they study dwindling rainforest fragments in remote northern Madagascar. It showcases the team’s struggles against the elements in their efforts to gather data on habitat fragmentation and its impacts on reptiles and amphibians in one of the world’s hottest biodiversity hotspots.

This striking 37-minute documentary highlights not just the beauty of these ancient rainforests, but also the stark contrast between the worlds outside and within, and the stories of the Malagasy researchers striving to study and protect them before it is too late. WATCH TRAILER >

The Last Pangolins of Vietnam | 52 minutes






Director: Therese Engels
Medienkontor Movie GmbH and Arte
Country: Vietnam
World Premiere

More than two million pangolins have been illegally killed in the last decade alone, for their meat and scales. This makes the pangolin the most illegally trafficked mammal in the world. The pangolins are nearing extinction and still many people have not heard of them. The protection and survival of this prehistoric creature relies on their most brutal enemy: humans.

People like Nguyen Van Thai are needed, inspirational characters in the fight against wildlife crime and for the rehabilitation of captured, injured and sick pangolins. Thai is the executive director of Save Vietnam's Wildlife, a Vietnamese NGO known for its pangolin work and the team's ability to rehabilitate and release pangolins. WATCH TRAILER >


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Series 24 | 6:00-8:00 pm

Sisters of the Savannah

Person of the Forest

Gaurdians of Anja

Think Like a Rainforest

Panel discussion with producers Roxy Rogan, Caitlin Starowicz
and Karen Sonego

Sisters of the Savannah | 60 minutes

Producers: Caitlin Starowicz
Country: Kenya
World Premiere

"Sisters of the Savannah" is a documentary that journeys to the African Savannah for an intimate portrait of three animal families where is some cases the females rule and mothers who know best. We enter the lives of fierce lions, majestic elephants and regal baboons who form sisterhoods to raise their families. Lions, elephants and baboons are matriarchies for different reasons. Lion mothers form daycare centers to nurse their young, Elephants are led by the eldest female who knows all the watering holes and strategies for survival. Baboons have a strictly ranked royal family. WATCH TRAILER >

Person of the Forest | 10 minutes

Producer: Roxana Rogan
Country: Indoneisa | World Premiere

Deep, deep in the emerald beats, in the magenta eyes of the Bornean rain forest, you can hear the orangutans singing to one another. Orangutans are a fundamental part of the rain forests of Indonesia. The keepers, guardians and preservers of life in the dense rain forest pockets of Sumatra and Borneo, an ecosystem that is older and richer than the Amazon. A film that challenges our ideologies and values as we discover the issue beginning with the choices we collectively make. Reconnect to the notion that are homes are more than four walls and a room. Palm oil production and illegal logging has meant that huge swathes of the intricate Bornean rain-forest currently face extinction and decimation.

Gaurdians of Anja | 10 minutes

Producer: Robin Hoskyns
Country: Madagascar
East Coast Premiere

“Guardians of Anja” is a story of hope. In a land stripped bare, a tiny patch of forest clings on. Nestled between towering cliffs this forest is home to Madagascar’s most famous resident. With the help of the local community, fortunes are changing for the people, the wildlife and the forest. WATCH TRAILER >

Think Like a Rainforest | 5 minutes

Karen Sonego, Producer
Country: United Kingdom
North America Premiere

Every year, 125 million farmers in the tropical rainforest burn down forests to clear land for crops.
This method of slash and burn ruins the soil, so after a year or two, the crops stop growing and the farmers set fire to the next piece of land. Mike Hands discovered that slash and burn was depleting the soil of essential nutrients. And in his search for a solution, he found the Inga; a fast-growing tree that keeps weeds at bay, provides soil with nutrients, and allows crops to grow again.


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Series 25 | 8:30-10:30 pm

Catching Giants - Director's Cut

Panel discussion with producers Ashley Scott Davison,
Julie Creveling and Catherine Land

* Off site Reception to follow

Catching Giants | 85 minutes

Producers: Ashely Scott Davison
& Catherine Land
Country: South Africa
World Premiere

As result of human actions giraffes have suffered a 40% decline in numbers since 1999: be it poaching, habitat loss, or climate change. Thanks to increased awareness, people are becoming aware that giraffes are now vulnerable to extinction. But the question remains: what is being done to stop this decline?


CATCHING GIANTS is a heart stopping character-driven film following the world’s preeminent giraffe researcher, Dr Francois Deacon, as he embarks on the most ambitious giraffe research project to date: the attempted GPS collaring of 20 giraffes, including 10 males, which have never before been collared and that we know so little about. Giraffe bulls are notorious for being the most dangerous animals to capture - for man and beast - in the entire animal kingdom. Joining Francois on this expedition are his family and scientists from all across the globe, each with unique backgrounds. To preserve this species, the team hopes to be the first to successfully collect semen from a wild giraffe.

CATCHING GIANTS takes viewers on an incredible journey alongside the conservationists who are making history on their plight to learn more about giraffes. The true value of this film lies in the fact that the results of Dr Deacon’s project and the discoveries made by this world leading team of biologists can be applied by wildlife managers and conservationists to giraffe populations throughout the continent of Africa. For Francois and his family, catching and saving Africa’s giants is not just a passion, but their mission. WATCH TRAILER >


$18 in advance | $25 at the door

Films and speakers subject to change prior to and during festival