Wednesday, October 25

Series 21 | 12:00-2:00 pm

The Adventures of the American Pika
In Our Hands: Long Live the King
Carousel of Life - The Traditional Orchard
Maryland Native Plants

Adventures of the American Pika | 55 minutes

Producers: Jere Folgert and Mimi Matsuda
Country: USA | World Premiere

A movie about the adventures of three American pika, living in the rugged rocky mountains of North America. WATCH TRAILER >

In Our Hands: Long Live the Kings | 6 minutes

Producer: Faith Haney | Transect Films
Country: USA | World Premiere

As Long Live the Kings heads into its 31st year, the organization keeps the momentum going toward bringing salmon home - for the long run.


Carousel of Life - The Traditional Orchard | 51 minutes

Producer: Verena Lemmer | Marco Polo Film AG
Country: Germany | World Premiere

The documentary is an affectionate portrait of a habitat that has originally been created by man: The Traditional Orchard, a place where man plants trees, harvests fruit and grass, but is otherwise seldom seen. From the perspective of the wild residents and visitors this is mostly a good place to be. Their efforts to profit from the wealth of the traditional orchard lead to amusing, sometimes even comical situations, but also to touching drama. The general approach towards animal behavior in this documentary is at times entertaining, humorous and over all sympathetic. This wonderful habitat is as closest to paradise as possible, where indeed wild creatures and man live and strive together for (perfect) harmony.

Maryland Native Plants | 5 minutes

Producer: Amy Oden | Maryland Public Television
Country: USA | World Premiere


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Series 22 | 2:30-4:30 pm

Gibbon: The Singing Ape

The Hehuan Mountains

Iron Jungle

Gibbon: The Singing Ape | 46 minutes

Producer: Choi, Pyeongsoon | EBS
Country: Korea | World Premiere

This film documents an unprecedented attempt to investigate the musicality of multiple species of wild gibbons – siamang, the white-handed gibbon and the javan gibbon - surviving in the South-East Asians habitats. WATCH TRAILER >

The Hehuan Mountains | 25 minutes

Producers: Yang Mo-Lin & Sun Li-Chu
Country: Taiwan | World Premiere

Documentary introducing Taiwan's high mountain ecology. Filmed in the Hehuan Mountain area within the vicinity of Taroko National Park, between the altitudes of 1,800 to 3,600 meters. Towering mountains, plunging valleys, the micro-topography and the climate as serve as barriers to genetic exchange and promotes speciation.

Iron Jungle | 49 minutes

Producer: Christian Baumeister | Light and Shadow Productions
Country: Germany | World Premiere

For more than 150 years the Ruhr Area was not only the heart of Germany's economy, but also Europe's most extensive industrial zone. Mines, steelworks and chemical industries dominated the region. River systems collapsed and the skies were ash-grey. But over the last decades the area has been transformed. Due to the crisis in coal and steel, many industries were shut down, and huge areas were abandoned. A whole variety of animals returned to fill the vacuum; invading factory ruins, and re-colonizing badlands, artificial hills and lakes. Now peregrines breed on old smokestacks, natterjack toads occupy temporary pools and blue-winged grasshoppers display on hot and stony wastelands. This film not only tells the story of a unique comeback, it also reveals some stunning animal behavior. Above all it celebrates the power and adaptive capacity of life itself. WATCH TRAILER >


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Series 23 | 5:00-7:00 pm

Yellowstone: A Political Park

Rare: Creatures of the Photo Ark, Episode 1

The Shape of a River

Fix and Release 

Stewardship with Vision: Dave Spicer

Panel discussion, Q&A with Ian Summers, Jordan Lofthouse and Randy Simmons

Yellowstone: A Political Park | 12 minutes

Producers: Ian Summers and Jordon Lofthouse
Country: USA | East Coast Premiere

Could it be true that Yellowstone - America's first National Park - is more of a "political" park, than a "natural" park? As the National Park Service celebrates its centennial, have you ever considered why our parks are managed in ways that align with certain special interests but not others? WATCH TRAILER >

Rare: Creatures of the Photo Ark, Episode 1 | 53 minutes

Producers: John Bredar and  Laurie Donnelly | WGBH & PBS
Country: USA | World Premiere

Join National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore as he travels 10,000 miles from his home in Nebraska to Madagascar. He’s here to photograph creatures found nowhere else on the planet, and add them to his Photo Ark.

The Shape of a River | 12 minutes

Producers: Gianna Savoie &
Jeff Reed | Ocean Media Institute
Country: USA | World Premiere

The film features the famed Yellowstone River as partner and provider to the land and the lives of those along its path.

Fix and Release 15 minutes

Producer: Scott Dobson | Junction Box J
Country: Canada | World Premiere

This visually beautiful film shows turtles in a way that few have seen before - highlighting their amazing ability to recover from catastrophic injury and hinting that these ancient creatures may be more complex than previously thought. WATCH TRAILER >

Stewardship with Vision: Dave Spicer | 9 minutes

Producer: Jason Roehrig
Country: USA | World Premiere

David Spicer's leadership in restoring springs, wetlands, and riparian areas on his ranch and beyond has helped keep a species from being listed under the ESA. His work has supported the return of many more species to this Nevada desert valley.


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Series 24 | 8:00-10:00 pm

Operation Sumatran Rhino

Operation tenBoma: Getting Left of Kill

Rhino Gaurdians

Araucaria Araucana

Panel discussion and Q&A with film producers, Chris Annadorai, Lydia Lubon and Nick Hanauer, Program Manager for tenBoma Wildlife Security Program at IFAW.

Operation Sumatran Rhino | 45 minutes

Producers: Lydia Lubon and Chris Annadorai
Country: Malaysia

This film documents the Borneo Rhino Alliance's incredible quest to find all the remaining Sumatran rhinos in the rainforests of Sabah, Borneo, and breed them before it is too late – a critical operation that’s charged with emotion, danger, tragedy and hope. WATCH TRAILER >

Araucaria Araucana | 52 minutes

Producer: Tristan Guerlotté
Country: Chile | World Premiere

In the Southern Andes, a living being survives for 200 million years. Here is the story of a thousand year old tree, the Araucaria Araucana, and its incredible history, little known and forever linked to an Amerindian people of Chile: the Pehuenches. This isolated community has survived for centuries thanks to the Araucaria. A perfect harmony between man and nature, that will soon be disturbed by invasion of the Spanish settlers, territorial conflicts and logging. Today, sacred forests are the refuge of a unique and wild nature; But incredible fires threaten this balance.

Operation tenBoma: Getting Left of Kill | 8 minutes

Director & Producer: Rich Moos | International Fund of Animal Welfare (IFAW)
Country: Kenya | New York Premiere

Every 15 minutes an elephant is killed for its ivory. tenBoma connects an existing African community security philosophy with criminal network targeting principles to form an integrated system of eyes and ears which predict and interdict poaching of iconic species before the animal is killed.

Rhino Guardians | 6 minutes

Producer: Dan Sadgrove
Country: South Africa | World Premiere

This film documents the Black Mambas, the world's first all female anti-poaching unit. They operate in the Balule Game Reserve in South Africa, working to eliminate the illegal wildlife trade through conservation, education, and protection. Their lives are at constant risk from poachers and they wildlife they aim to protect.


$18 in advance | $30 at the door