Our mission is to inform, engage and inspire audiences about the need for and importance of the protection of global biodiversity.

We do this through the annual film festival and biodiversity conference in New York and through an education outreach program to college/university campuses. WCFF engages in monthly programs in New York and other cities that include film screenings, business & social networking events, and presentations.

People that attend and participate in the WCFF are international wildlife conservationists, filmmakers, photographers, scientists and people across the globe that work toward the preservation of global biodiversity.

*BREAKING NEWS: “Dream” has received the international and prestigious Golden Lion for Music and Silver Lion for Film at the 2017 Cannes Lions

Thank you to DDB New York, Zombie Studio, and Mophonics.

The 2017 Wildlife Conservation Film Festival (WCFF) takes place in New York, NY, October 19-29 at the Cinema Village Theater and other locations. Then days of film screenings, panel discussions, receptions, field trips and more. Over 100 international documentary films screened, many world premieres. More than thirty nations represented through film and over thirty film international producers and scientists in attendance.

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